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Hi there!

In a nutshell: i’m from Minnesota, went to school at Dartmouth, and now live in San Francisco.

I currently am the co-founder of a new startup called Onward. Prior to that I was at Airbnb. Prior to that I was the co-founder of Kapost and co-founder or Qloud. This is my blog where I air out in public things that are on my mind. Some are personal, some are business-related but they are all things I’m currently pondering. Enjoy

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5 thoughts on “About Mike
  1. Hi, I like your site. I’m pretty new to blogging, but feel a mad urge to write these days…I found your site through WordPress. My blog’s at http://www.lifetecture.com if you’re interested.

    I live in Chicago now, but all of my very best friends live in San Francisco, New York and Dublin, so I really love Facebook because of the status update feature and enjoyed your comments about how that’s basically what Twitter is. I haven’t used Twitter yet but may try it now.

  2. what is the significance of pescatello to u? i am confused, i googled my name and found u. i also discovered qloud now. my last name is pescatello. just curious?

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