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I hate streetlightsPointed ShoesLocke's Cave - on at 11!Where are you Axl
Just some things i’ve noticed over the past few months:

  1. Why is NY the only city that’s implemented the cascading street lights? One light turns green, then when you get to the next – guess what? It turns green. Genius. I can’t stand waiting at a stoplight for 5 minutes, only to go 20 years to the next light which has just turned red. Mass Ave is killing me!
  2. What is the deal with women’s pointed shoes. People’s feet aren’t shaped that way, why do they make shoes that way. Is it supposed to be sexier? I always find myself looking at them and thinking – “man, shoe designers are dumb.”
  3. On ABC’s show Lost, John Locke is clearly the most interesting and coolest character. Wouldn’t a spin-off called “Locke’s Cave” be the best spin-off show you can think of. Each week, they could have an episode run parrallel to the regular episode but just follow what John’s doing the entire time. Sometimes i’m watching that show and thinking, “I would rather just watch John have awckward conversations with Charlie or Echo.”  I mean they did a Joey spin-off, it couldn’t be worse than that.
  4. A Reality TV Show idea that P-Walk talked about a few months ago goes like this….You gather some very attractive women from very poor areas of the country. Each episode you offer them large amounts of money to disfigure themselves. For instance, first episode you offer $30 grand for them to get a horrible nose job. Maybe for the season finale you offer $10 million for a full sex change. The winner gets something like $200k a year for as long as she remains a man.  It’d be a battle to see if the women are willing to live a completely new life, filled with riches and luxury, but they have to live a lie, live as a man.  It’s such a horrible idea, a total trainwreck. I just might watch it.
  5. Often, when i’m driving around town -maybe stuck in traffic- think to myself, “I wonder what is Axl Rose doing right now?” I’m just curious. What could he be doing? He is one of the biggest rock stars in the past 20 years – came out with 4 amazing albums – and now i wonder, is he now just playing pool and boozing it up with his buddies in LA? Seriously, i couldn’t see him doing anything but partying. It’d be kind of cool if he, Vince Neil (Montly Crue), Bret Michaels (Poison) and Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) formed a bowling team and just bowled like 4 days a week.  I did hear that he just turned 44 this past Monday.

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