New Phones

I’m a huge cell phone fan. I probably buy 2 new phones a year. But at the same time, i’m very picky. I need the interface to be easy to use but yet powerful. I like to text a lot and keep LOTS of addresses. I actually bought a Razr earlier this year and then abandoned it for my old T-Mobile Blackberry. The Motorola software was archaic and slow.

Nevertheless, i came across 3 new phones coming out soon that got me excited:

Motorola KRZRmotorola-krzr.jpg

Following months of unofficial photos and leaked info, the Motorola KRZR has finally been announced to be release in the fall this year. The KRZR will be Motorola’s new flagship phone, sporting a design that’s narrower and sleeker than the RAZR. The phone combines a metallic gloss finish, magnesium, and polished chrome and hardened glass, (available in both GSM and CDMA). It features a 2-megapixel camera (sweet), stereo Bluetooth audio, an updated phone directory, new messaging applications, expandable memory up to 1GB, and integrated music players (no iTunes, though). The word on the street is also that the CDMA version has touch-sensitive music controls, advanced EVDO data services, and location-based services capabilities.

Motorola RIZRmotorola-rizr-z3.jpg

This phone is badass. Formerly known as the Capri, the first Motorola GSM slider is here: Motorola RIZR . It is GMS, a two megapixel camera, 20MB of internal memory (expandable w/ microSD), USB 2.0, stereo Bluetooth, and silhouette that matches the Motorola KRZR (above). Perhaps most importantly though (for me), it also sports Moto’s new phone book software, replacing the archaic (read: super-duper sucky) version in the current RAZR. This phone looks awesome and could be the thing that leads me back to Motorola.

Wi-Fi Phone For Skype

I’m a big Skype user. We use it for business every day to call Romania and Slovenia. But it’s also easy to use to call anyone in the US. With this new phone i’ll probably get rid of my Vonage, get this phone and just use my internetbelkin-wi-fi-skype-phone.jpg connection in my home for everything. This phone (Wi-Fi Phone for Skype) will cost about $180 and will be out Aug. 31. You can make free calls to anyone using the Skype. I could use it in my house or take it with me and connect to any wi-fi area allowing me to access your Skype account. All US incoming and outgoing calls are free to any phone.

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