Snakes On a Plane is Totally Absurd

Snakes on a ComicSo i went and saw the movie with STB opening weekend and totally enjoyed it. It was totally absurd and gratuitous and not good at all – which is exactly what i expected.

My one comment – I actually wish they had made it more ridiculous. For example, in the very beginning a guy and a really hot gal get up from their seats and head to the bathroom to a) smoke a joint, and b) Get. It. On! I was pretty surprised to see that she got almost completely naked and there was an incredible amount of boobage displayed. Of course, one things start heating up a snake comes through the hole where the smoke detector was and makes a bullseye for her nipple. Sitting in the theater, my expectations for the movie immediately soared and i was pretty pumped that this movie was going to just be totally insane in both nudity and gore. Unfortunately, after this very cool scene, nothing else came close to delivering nudity-wise and it was a complete snake gore-fest, which is what you have to expect.

All in all, the movie was as expected – completely absurd

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