Big Bad Texas Gator

Here’s a story of a very large alligator in Texas. Not the biggest ever, but still pretty damn large.

Here’s a picture of it taken a KTBS helicopter flying over Lake Conroe in Texas with a whole deer in its mouth! Think of how large it has to be to fit an entire deer in its mouth.

Carrying deer

The alligator was found between Athens and Palestine, Texas near a house. How would you like to meet this fella in the dark? Never let it be said that they don’t grow them big in Texas. Game wardens were forced to shoot the alligator as he clearly could devour an entire family for lunch.Gator stashing deer

Apparently, the locals could hear the bellowing in the night.

Neighbors had been saying around the street that they had seen a mammoth alligator in the waterway that runs behind their house, but every story was dismissed as exaggerations. “I didn’t believe it,” Charles Rogers (on neighbor) said. This past Friday they realized the stories were, if anything, understated. Texas Parks and Wildlife game wardens had to shoot the beast.

This last picture is of Joe Goff, 6’5″ tall, a game warden with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, walks past the 23’1″ alligator that he shot and killed in the Rogers back yard.

Huge gator

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52 thoughts on “Big Bad Texas Gator
  1. Sorry, but the story that you got here isn’t the right one… I received the same story along with the photo’s in an e-mail a while back, and decided to investigate, this is what I found:

    Quoting Hoax Slayer:

    This email forward arrives with photographs that show a very large alligator swimming with a fully grown deer in its mouth. The photographs have been circulating, along with variants of the email message shown above, since 2004. According to this version of the message, the photographs were taken from the KTBS helicopter over Lake Conroe, Texas. Other versions of the message use alternative locations, including Lake George (Florida), Cross Lake (Louisiana) and Lake Murray (South Carolina).

    The photographs are genuine. However, they were not taken over Lake Conroe or any of the other locations mentioned. Nor were they taken from a news helicopter. In fact, the photographs were taken by Terri Jenkins, of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in a wildlife refuge near Savannah, Georgia . According to information in a 2004 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Press Release:

    The photographs of this deer-eating alligator were taken from the air by Terri Jenkins, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service District Fire Management Officer. She was preparing to ignite a prescribed fire at Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge, about 40 miles south of Savannah, Georgia, on March 4, 2004.

    Jenkins took the photographs from a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service helicopter used for igniting controlled fires. She estimates that the alligator was at least 12 or 13 feet long.

  2. I just received the hoax Email from a friend the other day and had to do some research. At first I thought it was amazing, but in reading that the gator was 23 feet, the voice inside my head cried BS.

    I checked out the site posted by Mike and believe it to be true.

    So what I am asking is where is the third pic with the gator strung up from and what is the story behind it ?????

  3. Why not just capture it and move it some where else Why do we have to kill Animals for no apparent reason. Steve Irwin would be so dissapointed of people like you.

  4. Thank God.!!!!! Now I have a reason for a dinosaur killing rifle. This is the BADDEST BOY IN THE WOODS. I wonder what the game warden used to kill it? I would use nothing less than a 600 nitro express, as anything else may just make it mad. This thing is PREHISTORIC.Where can I get a hunting licence?

  5. Sorry big bad gun toting dude… the last picture of the gator and the game warden is from Texas, but it’s a different story and different gator.

    “This image is another example of how positioning can exaggerate the apparent size of objects in photographs. The alligator is in the foreground of the picture, with its head turned towards the camera, while a game warden strolls in the background, making the reptile (particularly its head) seem proportionally larger than it really is. “

  6. Yeah, that whole “public safety” thing. I mean, animals are way more important than humans. Why can’t we just leave them alone. They’ll only eat 1 maybe 2 small children. where’s the loss there?

    sometimes, the organism higher on the food chain (thats us) has to ensure its position. anything else is just wishing for death.

  7. “Trish’
    If you relocate an alligator it will always come back, so they have to euthanize gators that are a danger to humans. It’s true look it up. 😉

  8. This is what we do we kill what we think is dangerous.Yet we let murderers and rapists and child molesters walk around after serving their (time)

  9. so they killed it because it was big? thats not fair. that means theyre not allowed to live that long. thats not fair at all.

  10. i hate the fact that half of these people who comment dont read the previous posts, then make themselves look stupid by saying something that we have already established isnt true…

  11. Do you wanna spend time living near a giant gator? At least with an ex-con, there’s a chance the person is different. Gators don’t exactly have the capability to learn not to kill people, its kind of an instinct for them. So what do we do with giant 23 ft gators? We kill them so they can’t kill us. Then we get a pair of boots that makes people go “Dude, those are nice” when they see you. Live with it.

  12. WOW that is the biggest real alligator i’ve ever seen. I don’t care where it’s from that’s a big gator. For someone to take the time to research an e-mail to see if it’s true is almost as lame as…. wait it is even lamer then some one posting the wrong picture with the wrong story. It’s the internets and it’s a series of tubes. Everyone researching this story… GET A LIFE. HAHAHAHAHHA. Losers!
    I wish I posted this article with these pictures so I could have the satisfaction of knowing a bunch of dumb asses wasted time researcing my internets posting.
    Getta Bup

  13. I am sorry to disappoint some of you, but the first two pictures alone prove that this gater is no 23 feet long. Unless of course the deer itself is about 12 feet long. Just do a size comparison of the two together, and figure it out for yourself.

  14. This is so mean. Why does every time there is an article on an animal they show a pic oif ti dead. hanging there. everyone wonders why our world sucks. that is why. we are killing all of hte animals and everything is in turn dying.

  15. That gator isn’t big. It’s just up close to the camera. The one with the warden, I mean. If it wasn’t, I think we’d see it’s shadow next to the warden’s. As for the one the deer… It doesn’t look that big to me. As for killing it just for being big… What a shame if something like that would happen. One or two little kids? The world could do without one or two lives, it only has some insane amount more to cover for those. As for “ex-cons” being “different”… Well, if you mean ‘more careful around authorities so they don’t get caught’, you’re right.

    I also doubt that gator, the one in the warden picture, is dead. Either it’s alive, or someone/something is holding it’s tail up. Couldn’t be the floor, as there is no shadow.

    Signed, the Spouter of BS.

  16. this is in bar x ranch where i live the one withb joe gof walking by it its not 23ft long its 13′ 1” i was standing right there by it

  17. Everything is bigger in Texas but we don’t shoot alligators and hang them, we eat them. That big boy could’ve fed many here in Texas and the alligator boots would’ve been worth something even to Donald Trump hahahaha.

  18. Jeez, do you people read? The one hanging from the backhoe is from South Texas. It was 13 feet 1 inch, and had to be killed because it no longer feared humans. It was found in a backyard of a subdivision. The Game Warden in the pic is Texas Game Warden. The other 2 pics are from another story which was also blown up. It wasn’t any bigger, and the deer was a fawn. If y’all believe everything you see on the internet, I got some land to sell you.

  19. Previous poster CHRIS: eaten by a 35 foot alligator in TEXAS. Pics to follow soon.

  20. no one has mentioned this i don’t think, but forget the shadows! why is the tail still curled? if it was dead, it would be laying on the ground.

  21. i see what yale are coming from about the whole killing and stuff but when a animal is that big and swimming in a public lake where childen and people swim you have to do something about it they should of put it in a zoo but if i was to see that i would kill it too

  22. This is one big gator i wish i could have shot it or just ran from fear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. The last story smarty pants is true for i was there. the first pics and story may not have been, but the gator between athens and palestine texas is indeed a true story. It’s not trick photography. I don’t know where all you know it alls get your info, but you had better check your spources before poutin off. People have a right to be amazed at such a creature, and it is not all that uncommon!

  24. Wrong again captain it was not south texas, it was east texas. The gator was not 13′ long it was 23′ long. And while you can’t believe everything you hear or see, that don’t mean everything is a lie. Captain of what your bathtub tug boat.


  26. GOD!!!! I never want to go swimming again expessally if I might be eaten by a prehistoric freak. Man I need a hunting licence!!! THAT THING FREAKS ME OUT!!!!!

  27. They should be shooting Mexicans sneaking through the border instead of what little wildlife we have.

  28. You Texans are so gullible. You’d believe pretty much anything that ‘glorified’ your sorry state. The only thing big in texas is the BS.

  29. With the way mankind has conquered engineering the impossible, you mean to tell me that they could not capture this beautiful creature and relocate him to the many santuaries or zoos that would love to have him? Even a zoo has a capture team that goes to exotic locations to safelt bring home beautiful animals and creatures. Humans are over populating this planet, and pretty soon the animals will have no place left. We need some more castrophies to happen and implement world wide sterilzation after two children.

  30. I just read another story saying this exact gator was 28' 1″ and was shot in Alabama. Same pictures was used and the story said the game warden was with the Alabama Parks and Wildlife.

  31. The last picture has nothing to do with the first two.
    The deer eating gator was 12-13 feet long and seen from a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service chopper near Savannah GA. Pictures taken by Terri Jenkins of the USFWS.
    The last picture was snoped as true and really was killed in TX but it also was only 13 feet. It looks a lot bigger because of depth of field.

  32. its not between athens and palestine…..and joe golf isn’t six,five. the alligator was caught less than a mile from my house…which is between west columbia and angleton TX….. the same creek they caught it in runs behind my house…and 23.1 ft… was like 13.8 ft..people need to get their facts straight.

  33. it wasnt caught between athens and palestine…it was killed less than a mile from my house in the same creek that runs behind my house..between west columbia and angleton texas…joe golf isnt six,five… the gator was more like 13.1 feet..get your facts straight

  34. If that’s a 23 ft gator that deer must be a horse. Not even close to 23 ft. Still, 13-14 ft is monster enough.

  35. Oh is that a fact?  Don’t be jealous because you’re from a sorry state and don’t have pride in where you come from?  Not our fault your childhood sucked and you’re an angry little child who’s life is as sorry as the words that come out of your mouth.  I think it’s funny how the people who talk shit about our state are the ones who have never even been there, lived there or bothered to know why we love our state so much.  
    Nice chatting with you! 🙂

  36. it makes me so upset too think  wild life authorities let the public swim in these lakes, knowing such a creatures excist. i mean, it does state to swim @ your own risk. but, there is a difference between that, and a preditor, i mean, a great difference from a person in danger of drowning, to a person being prey, please! in gods name, state these facts, so parents can stop putting their children ( families) in harms way! Rebecca so very tragic! real talk. thank you for your time

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