Clinton Making Gore His Bitch Again

We're all bitches!Here’s what i’m picturing in my head: Bill Clinton sitting around this spring with his shirt unbuttoned (one button too far) watching TV. On the tv, there’s a story about Gore’s comback and a review of the very good and disturbing movie The Inconvenient Truth. His immediately thought is, “shit i can’t have that bitch showing me up. That’s my VP!” So, like only the 2 term president could do, he whipped out his rolodex, got his peeps together and started a big “initiative” to put Gore in his place.
The initiative though is pretty awesome. The stated mission of the Foundation is to “strengthen the capacity of people throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence.” To advance this mission, the Foundation is focused on four critical areas: 1) health security; 2) economic empowerment; 3) leadership development and citizen service; and 4) racial, ethnic and religious reconciliation. The Foundation works principally through partnerships with individuals, organizations, corporations, and governments, often serving as an incubator for new policies and programs. To participate you have to agree to put forth cash or action prior to joining which is probably the best way to get anything done. Here’s a good clip of Clinton talking about it on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:


Gore’s got to be pissed. He’s spent the past 3 years working on green projects and meeting with scientists, experts and “smart people” to put togehter his latest book and slideshow which is the basis of the movie. Hell, he even wrote a book 14 years ago about the environment (Earth In The Balance) back when being “green” meant being a good gardener. Now, Clinton swoops in and becomes the man when it comes to making a difference. As they say, anyone can be a critic, execution is what matters and aparently he. is. rocking!

Now whenever people think about global warming and helpign the environment,suck it clinton it’s all about the Clinton Initiative. Read the latest about Richard Bramson’s 3 billion pledge from the CNN article:

Clinton praised Branson, calling him one of the “most interesting,” “creative” and “genuinely committed” people he had ever known.

Branson said he was inspired to contribute after a meeting with Al Gore, who served as Clinton’s vice president and has been highly visible in raising awareness about global warming and environmental issues. Gore was scheduled to speak Thursday afternoon.

Quoting Clinton even though Gore did all the work. Poor bastard. I love what Gore’s being doing, and it kind of pains me that Clinton’s getting all the credit and clintonbeing perceived as the man in this arena. Oh well, i guess some things never change.

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