ED and Pronto Condoms

I wish the words “erectile dysfunction” never existed. I wish even more that there weren’t a billion commercials a day (and during football games) reminding us that some dudes can’t get it up. Even more than that, i wish that i didn’t have a bunch of questions about these drugs actually work. Such as: if you take a pill and it “works” and you’re successful in your attempt to bed someone, does it go away or are you left “hanging” all day. Are you able to carry 2 cups of coffee and your donuts all morning? Also, it kind of makes me sick how all the people in the commercials have a little devilish grin on their faces, like they know they are 1 pill away from getting on board the sex train. Again, i wish this wasn’t part of my life and i usually don’t think about it

Something on the internet – that world of tubes – reminded me of this problem today. It’s the 1-second condom made by Pronto Condoms. It’s for those people who can’t stay in the mood for the 3 extra seconds required to put a condom on. I have no idea who these people are, but apparently now there is a solution. There’s an informative video here in case you don’t believe me.

Can you imagine working for this company and each day you spend trying to figure out how to best market and make a condom even easier

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