MPL Playlist: Songs of 2006

2006 has been a year of great music for me. When i first got into Computer Science almost a decade ago, i would have never thought that i would be this involved in the music industry. However, i am and because of it i have become exposed to some great artists – especially this year when i have been into the guts of our music recommendation service. From there, i’ve discovered some fantastic tunes. Some are sad, some are rockin’, but they are all amazing.

Here they are. I’ve linked each one to its track page on Qloud so you can listen to the entire song or if you want you can download each track.

  1. Astair – Matt Costa (download)
  2. Long Distance Call – Phoenix(download)
  3. Consolation Prizes – Phoenix (download)
  4. Body Language – Booke Shade (download)
  5. Tell Me a Lie – Griffin House (download)
  6. Fake Palindromes – Andrew Bird (download)
  7. Spirit On The Water – Bob Dylan(download)
  8. Numb/Encore – Jay-Z/Linkin Park (download)
  9. It’ll Take a 7 Nation Army To Hold You Back – Apathy (download)
  10. Mashup: 99 Ballons & a Bitch Ain’t One – Jay-Z (download)
  11. White & Nerdy – Weird Al (download)
  12. Ten Thousand Lakes – Kid Dakota (download)
  13. Son’s Gonna Rise – Citizen Cope (download)
  14. D’Artagnan’s Theme – Citizen Cope (download)
  15. Golden (acoustic) – My Morning Jacket (download)
  16. Bermuda Triangle – My Morning Jacket (download)\3 R’s – Jack Johnson (download)
  17. Waiting for You – The Guys All-Star Shoe Band from Prarie Home Companion (download)
  18. Hang Me Out to Dry – Cold War Kids (download)
  19. My Love – Justin Timberlake (download)

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