Americans in Love Actually

I recently watched the enjoyable chick-flick Love Actually.  While i really liked the movie, I found it interesting that every American portrayed in the movie is basically a complete American stereotype.  They’re what Europeans see Americans as:

  • An american at the elementary school.  Of course the mom is a big entertainment star. America is all about media and fame.
  • We see 3 girls from U of Wisconsin who are dumb, ridiculously hot and pretty slutty.  Again, typical view of Americans by our british counterparts.  Of course, having been to Madison campus – i’m not sure how much I disagree.  I kid, i kid.
  • A dumb, morally challenged, arrogant US President played beautifully by Billy Bob Thorton.

Sure Americans put British people as the evil character in lots of movies (see Star Wars, Braveheart, and countless others), but do we have to be shameless stereotyped in their films?  .

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