Pirates 3 is a Pretty Good Ride

I saw the new Pirates movie last night and was somewhat skeptical going in as the 2nd installment was more bloated than the first and just ok (do we really need a ferris wheel chase in a pirate movie?). The new one, however, packs much more of a punch. This quote by one of my favorite critics Michael Wilmington says it best:

The movie is almost too much. Director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have packed “World’s End” with so much explosive action, opulent decor and surreal scenes of mayhem and madness — including a mass crab-and-ship exodus, an apocalyptic-looking waterfall and life-size and miniature hallucinatory clones of Capt. Jack, some capering around Depp’s mane and shoulder — that sometimes it’s overwhelming. This sequel is frenziedly imaginative, where the first “Pirates” was sunny, fey and friendly (like Sparrow) and the second a rollicking romp.

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