The best movies are like vintage port

Cover of "Pulp Fiction [UMD for PSP]"

Some movies get better and better the more you watch them and sometimes you pop a flick in 20 years after you first viewed it and it’s the best viewing yet.  The Sports Guy explains this by comparing movies to wine:

Most movies are like chardonnays or pinot noirs — you can drink them right away or any time within a span of 10 years. Many cabernets, Bordeaux and Barolos hold their vintage really well and you can actually enjoy them for as along as 10-20 years. Kinda like “Midnight Run” or “Hoosiers.” The best vintage ports are drinkable right away (although it’s not advised), but they’re specifically designed to get better and better the more they age. So, if you feel that way about a few of your favorite movies, I’d say that’s your vintage port collection. By the way, my mom helped me write this paragraph.

These movies for me are Boogie Nights, Spinal Tap, Rushmore, Good Will Hunting, Almost Famous, and Pulp Fiction. What’s your vintage port collection?

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