The movie Crash is #1 on Netflix


I read a really interesting article today.  It turns out that since 2005 the movie Crash has been the top rented movie from Netflix.  That’s 4 years of renting.  Crazy to think about.  The article interviews the writer/director Paul Haggis about this phenomenon. He has no idea why this is the case and has some funny quotes:

“I just assumed it was some sort of anomaly,” Haggis told the Tribune recently. “I have no idea why anyone went to the movie in the first place, let alone rent it. It was a little independent film, and when people started to see it, I was amazed.”

“It doesn’t make it any better of a film. I just know that these were things that were upsetting me, and I wanted to get them out,” said Haggis. “I happened to like my second film [‘In the Valley of Elah’] better than ‘Crash,’ but no one went to see it.”

It doesn’t mention that maybe it’s because it won the Academy Award for Best Picture and nobody saw so everyone put it in their queue.  I wonder how many people got it delivered to them and sent it right back so they could get disk 3 of House a little bit faster.

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