9 weeks in: a report

I last did a report about life with Hunter when I was 3 weeks in.  Since then, I’ve learned a few more things.

Getting up in the middle of the night repeatedly can make a man (and mom) batshit crazy.  For us (and most people), the getting up in the middle of the night to feed the child never stops and is totally exhausting.  Diane and I are taking turns who gets up for the main feeding in the middle of the night.  We found that if the same person keeps doing it, that person becomes not so fun to hang out with.  We’ll see how this new experiment goes.

Hunter is not always happy

Grandparents are great to have around.  There was a time where I didn’t really want to have my parents around. I had control of my life and an occasional check-in was all that was needed.  Those days are over.  I desperately want them here as much as possible.  In fact, i’ll take anyone who is willing to sit down and do a feeding of our baby. They are bringing the gift of free hands and the ability for us to do necessary tasks.  I never thought there’d be a time where i just wouldn’t be able to find the time to pay a bill.  Crazy town.

Grandparents are a great thing

I’m also amazed on how I have basically no more free time. When I come home from work, I hangout with Hunter although I’ve realized that if Hunter is in my arms, everything’s cool.  If Hunter is anywhere else (except Diane’s arms) there’s a problem and some fussiness and crying.  So that means I’ve got a baby in my hands from when I get home until I go to bed.  Is it possible to do anything else once a baby is in your hands?  Not at all.  I basically wash hours and hours down the toilet with that kid in my hands. Every day.

If the above is true, how am I writing this?  I’m on a plane headed to the east coast for work.  Thankfully, my in-laws are back home helping out as much as they can. I realize that i’m kind of screwing over my wife by making this trip, but i also need to do my job.  Being an entrepreneur is also hard work. Kapost needs the foot to remain on the pedal, and I’m trying to juggle that pedal with my baby.  I heard someone say today that being an entrepreneur allows for him to “sleep like a baby – where I wake up every 3 hours crying.” and I can really relate to that now.


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