Coronavirus Log – Day 10: Still Inside

My situation:

We’re hunkered down over here and enduring the storm. I am going a bit stir-crazy. Something about being around people and the energy they bring makes me feel good. Living in NYC and walking those streets was always energizing for me. I loved it. Here in Marin, I loved taking my kids to dropoff and being among all the kids and parents. It was hectic but fun to catch up with other parents and see the other kids talking and playing. I miss it. They probably can’t verbalize it but I think my kids miss it too. This will be a challenging period.

The government passed a $2 TRILLION dollar stimulus deal last night. We all will receive a one-time direct deposit of up to $1,200, and couples will get $2,400. The payments will be phased out based on income levels, before ending for those earning more than $99,000 annually. Families receive an additional $500 per child. That’s a lot of cash but people need it.

Related note, I called Wells Fargo yesterday and got a reprieve from paying my mortgage for 3 months, so that’s nice.

Other Items:


  1. World: 438,749 — Total deaths: 19,675 (up 2,516 from yesterday – daily increase of 37%)
  2. USA: 55,243 — Total deaths: 802 (up 209 from yesterday – daily increase of 71%)
  3. Marin: 53 cases (up 6 from yesterday), 0 deaths

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