Swimming Destiny

The relay was incredible and it happened again – another nail-biting, miraculous finish.  This time by Phelps.  This race i just watched of the 100 was incredible (here).  It almost seems as if it’s just Phelps’ destiny to win every gold.  Everything is bouncing his way right now.

I do wonder how he would a view a silver medal – he’d probably be so upset.

Check out this finish:

With zero room to spare Phelps manages to touch first
With zero room to spare Phelps manages to touch first
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Men's Relay – Watch It

The best Olympic event i’ve ever seen. If you haven’t seen it, click here or below to check it out

Some Quotes

From Lezac:

“I don’t know how I was able to take it back that fast because I’ve never been able to come anywhere near that for the last 50,” he said. “I can’t even explain it. It was unreal.

From German Coach:

“The whole thing was remarkable,” said Orjan Madsen, the German head coach. “It was one of those moments where you just sit back and say, ‘Jesus Christ.’ If I wouldn’t have seen [Lezak overtaking Bernard] with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

American Coach:

“There’s never been [an anchor swim like that] in my memory,” American head coach Eddie Reese said. “Not running down somebody who holds the world record, who’s on their game. That was incredible. … It has to be in the unbelievable category. That’s the biggest word I know.”

From Lezac:

“It’s happened to me all my career that people would get on my lane line and suck off me,” Lezak said, “so I figured this was one opportunity in all my career to do that. … I’m not going to lie. When I flipped at the 50, it really crossed my mind for a split second that there was no way. Then I changed. And I said, ‘You know what, that’s ridiculous at the Olympics. I’m here for the United States of America. I don’t care how bad it hurts or whatever.’ … Honestly in five seconds I was thinking all these things. I got like a supercharge and took it from there.”

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