Songbird's Here

There’s a new media player that’s been released called Songbird. iTunes has dominated as the go-to media player for people to play music. And with WMP, Winamp, Yahoo Music Engine and others (J. River) it would seem that the space is pretty saturated. How could a new player even hope to catch up, let alone beat these other players?

The answer is the open-source community. Similar to how Firefox has used the legions of developers to create a great product with many extensions/plug-ins to be better than Internet Explorer (IE), Songbird hopes to do the same to WMP and iTunes. In fact, Songbird is built on top of Gecko (Firefox’s core engine) so it’s basically a media playing browser that is open for developers around the world to use.

Version 0.1 was release 2 weeks ago and 0.1.1 was released this week. While still not as feature rich as other players you can see the potential and let me tell you, it’s only a matter of time before great extensions and services leverage its openness to create a superior experience to iTunes and WMP. extn_birdmeditating.png

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