Pulp Fiction's Hidden Storyline

I was talking with some people the other day of the genius behind Tarantino’s second film – Pulp Fiction. I was surprised to hear that very few people knew about the hidden subplot going through the entire movie. So, i thought i’d write it down once and for all for y’all….

The real story is that Marcelus Wallace has sold his soul to the devil and he wants it back. He sends two of his goons to get it for him. They encounter some rough henchman of the devil, but through some intervention from God are able to successfully recover Marcelus’ goods.

How do I know this? There are some clues.

  • Apparently, the theory is that when a person’s soul is sucked out by the devil, it is taken through the back of a the skull. When you first see Marcelus – when he’s giving his speech to Butch – you see a bandaid covering the back of his neck.
  • Vincent and Jules are hitman who work for Marcelus. Marcelus wants his soul back and gives them the task of stealing his it back. When they arrive at the apartment in the beginning, they stumble upon a group of the devil’s henchman. Jules recites Ezikiel 35:17 as he is now doing God’s bidding to save a lost soul.
  • pulp2.jpg

  • The code on the breifase is 666. Besides being a big clue to this – leads you to wonder if that’s the code the devil uses on all his locks (garage code, luggage, etc.)
  • A henchman comes out from hiding in the back with a “hand canon” and shoots at Jules and Vincent. Miraculously all the bullets narrowly miss them. Jules knowing they’re on a misson with God, attributes this to divine intervention
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    A person’s soul as described in the bible is one of the most beautiful things imagineable. It is beyond compare and mesmorizing to look at. That is why, whenever anyone opens the briefcase up, they are in total awe of its beauty.

So, some choose to think this is all coincidence. I like to think it is both true and completely awesome.

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19 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction's Hidden Storyline
  1. I like this theory. However, I’d like to know where this idea of the devil sucking your soul out through the back of your head came from…
    Also, does the Uma chararter have anything to do with the devil?

  2. Thats a wonderful theory. Its true about everyone being totally in awe everytime the brief case is opened.

    Thanks for that.

  3. This is true, but theres more! becuase you need to tie the other characters into the story. all i can remember is that marcelus is trying to get butch to sell his soul by throwing the fight, 9i think its to get his soul in return) BUT…… butch doesnt go through with it and then has to go on the run. well obviousley marcelus sends his goons after him, as you know vincent gets killed but jules does not becuase he has found god after the devine intervention! the actual henchmen actually stole marcelus’ soul from the devil and offered it to marcelus at a price (theyre not henchmen they were too scared!) as we know the deal went bad becuase they all lost there live except marvin who was a spy for marcelus. there is more about the others but i cant remember. hope this was of interest to you all………… LV.

  4. I recently heard on the Opie & Anthony show about a previously unknown plot element. Anthony asked Q.T. if Butch had keyed Vincent’s car. Q.T. said nobody had ever noticet that.

    I have not check to see if this is true… all of the clocks in the film are set to 4:20? Is this just some stoner’s hallucination?

    Does anyone know of other little odd fact that may be hidden in the movie.


  5. I believe there is more to this hypothesis. When Esmerelda Villa Lobos picks up Butch after the fight, the camera pans from right to left over the Driver Identification. Driver Identification Esmerelda Villa Lobos… D-I-E-V-L… Unscramble the acronym to read DEVIL. Then, Winston Wolf enters the movie at the end to assist the goons. Wolf translates to Lobos in spanish. It makes one think!

  6. Always suspected there was some sort of message or something tarantino was trying to tell us, but WOW. I didn’t think it would be an entire subplot! I’ll never see this film in the same way again. Seems kind of sinister now, taking soul back from devil and stuff. Btw, does Vincent going to the toilet have any significance in this subplot? I always just thought the message was when you go to the toilet, s**t happens. :S

  7. The act of having your soul removed from the base of your skull is an ancient knowledge. Dig around on the net….it’s actually pretty interesting.

  8. that s an excellent theory bu t id oubt the case contained the soul of mr wallace because i doubt anyone would b able to recognize the soul of another person

  9. what is bruce willis’ contribution to this underlying plot? devil? angel? or just random character? did Butch’s knockout cost Marcellus so much money he needed to sell his soul?

  10. I think another that adds to this is that vincent vega also saves mia, thus granting forgivness for his previous sins, allowing him the same option from god that jules is presented with: To save his soul and rebell against his previous sins, or to feel the wrath of god… Vincent saves mia, but when confronted with the situation in which god presents him the light of retribution,i.e. The devine intervention, he ignores the fact, thus joining marcelus later and is killed by butch, who has already attested to resisting the temptation of the devil.
    Marcelus and butch’s encounter with the sodomites is meant as a test to prove their worthiness in separate accounts- marcelus’ to prove he deserves (and has earned his soul back- as vega did by saving Mia) ….and butch; as he proves he deserves much like his granfather to continue the birthright and pass along the watch to his future son.
    Very good stuff ppl!

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