Best Movie of the Year: Juno

I went to go see the movie Juno this weekend.  It was an incredible experience.  I can’t remember the last time i laughed out loud so much at a movie.  The humor were not just witty one-liners (which there were many) but physical and situational comedy too.  Just looking at Michael Cera in his running gear got me every time.  The entire experience was so great that i didn’t want the movie to end and had to restrain myself from applauding when it finished.

The movie was funny but also very touching.  It is the perfect comedy.  It’s touching, sad, clever and everything else that is great.   Not too many scenes and not too few.

The main character, Ellen Page, who plays Juno is incredible.  She’s completely believable as a smart-ass pregnant 16 year old and carries the movie every step of the way.  Her character reminded me somewhat of Natalie Portman’s character (Marty) in Beautiful Girls in that she’s both very cute and wise beyond her years.  And similar to Portman’s Marty, Page’s Juno is one of the best movie characters ever.

The movie is written by Diablo Cody, a former stripper (who stripped at the Deja Vu in Minneapolis).  I don’t know how she did it, but she’s written one of the best comedies i’ve seen in a long long time.

The unexpected pregnancy theme is similar to this summer’s “Knocked Up” and i read the following comparison:

Ms. Cody (writer), Mr. Reitman  (director) and Ms. Page (Juno) have conspired, intentionally or not, to produce a feminist, girl-powered rejoinder and complement to “Knocked Up.” Despite what most products of the Hollywood comedy boys’ club would have you believe, it is possible to possess both a uterus and a sense of humor.

“Juno” also shares with “Knocked Up” an underlying theme, a message that is not anti-abortion but rather pro-adulthood.

This is true – and many comedies stick you with a pro-adulthood message at the end, but few actual deliver the goods in a way where you believe the maturation that’s occured and Juno definitely makes you a believer.

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