Basic Instinct 2 – Yes, i did see it

This weekend i saw the very-indie film Lonesome Jim. Afterwards, to bring myself back into the mainstream, i went and saw Basic Instinct 2. The movie is just what you'd expect – totally absurd but with an extremely hot Sharon Stone. Say what you want about BI2 being pretty lame, but as far as hotness goes – it completely delivers.

Some interesting things about this movie:

  • Sharon Stone signed on to do the movie with a rare clause that allowed her tostone.jpg get paid whether the movie was made or not. That sounds pretty sweet. Someday i hope i can command such terms for something. "Yes, i will agree to build you a doghouse someday, but you must agree to pay me whether or not i actually build it."
  • As with many thrillers, they lead you down one plot path, then yank it out and reveal another possible killer at the last moment. BI2 leads you down one path for a killer (Stone), then reveals another (the detective), then another (the ex-wife), then another (the main character). And at the end, you don't even know which one did it – and even worse, you get the idea that none of the characters in movie knows who did it either. It just ends. Who's genius idea was that?
  • Since when did 48 year old women become so hot? The last time i heard someone talking about an older actress is Faye Dunaway – and i don't remember her being particularly smokin'
  • I saw the movie Broken Flowers (with Bill Murray – which i didn't like) last year and Sharon Stone rocks in that movie too. Overall, I think she's pretty underated as an actress. When looking back on BI2, I don't know many actresses who could be in such a bad movie and make it rather enjoyable.
  • The first scene in the movie has Stone masterbating in a car while driving over 100 mph. While that was cool, i thought the car they showed was totally2005-Spyker-C8-Laviolette-Basic-Instinct-2-A.jpeg awesome. Doing a little research i found that it is a car called Spyker C8 Laviolette which are made by hand by a Dutch company (called Spyker). The car uses the Audi V8 and V12 engine and goes about 300 mph. But mostly, it just looks fantastic. Oh, and she ends up crashing into the river on climax.

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