Keep Track of Web Pages: Feedwhip

I stumbled upon a cool web site the other day called Feedwhip. How it works: you enter in the URL of a website and it will email you if anything on that site changes. Super simple. But the usefulness is pretty huge. You can set the level of changes you'd like to be notified about – every change, at least 1 line of text, big changes, etc. This is very useful for a guy such as myself who tracks many, many sites every day to see if the competition is changing or adding features. Some other useful applications for feedwhip:

  • Set it on an Amazon page for an item you like and get notified of either price changes or new user reviews
  • Set it on imdb memorable quote pages for films you like to receive an occasional quote of your favorite film emailed to you
  • Use it for pages that don't have rss feeds to get email updates to changes of sports pages, or college pages

 Can you think of other cool uses?

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