Online Tools For Teachers

I recently came across two sites: Chalksite & Engrade. Engrade is an online tool for teachers. All together, it's a free online gradebook, attendance checker, and calendar for teachers. Also, it automatically posts grades online in real-time for students and parents to see. Chalksite tried harder to be a toolset for teachers, allowing them to keep detailed schedules, field trips, grades, etc. Chalksite seems more powerful but also seems more complicated to use, whereas Engrade seems to have fewer features but seems easier.

Over the years i've thought of alot of cool web sites that could dramatically improve the teaching experience but, of course, done none of it. It's cool to the Web 2.0 world being served up to America's educators.

If anyone has used either of these sites – can you let me know (either through email or commenting here)?

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