Fight Club Revisited

fight_club.jpgI read about some people recently discussing Fight Club (here) which is one of my favorite movies of all time. I'd like to take a moment to discuss some of items currently brewing around the classic….

  • First, The are creating a musical on Fight Club. Yes, you read that correctly – a musical, as in Broadway. When did they start making musicals based on successful movies? I saw that there's a musical for The Wedding Singer – wft? Apparently David Fincher and Trent Reznor (from Nine Inch Nails) are involved in the project to direct and create the music. (Playbill News, BBC)
  • There a great site here which talk about Calvin and Hobbes relates to Fight Club. Apparently Hobbes is reborn as Tyler (Brad Pitt) to rescue Jack which is a grown-up Calvin (played by Edward Norton). Some good points:
    • Hobbes, like Tyler, are completely imaginary to Calvin/Jack/Norton
    • Similar to 7th grade, Calvin in the movie encounters real life which is threatening and forces him to abandon
    • A passage:
      • Calvin has always idolized Hobbes. In Weirdos From Anotherfightclub_photo2.jpg Planet, he dresses up like a tiger and attempts to live in the woods. Like Hobbes, Tyler is cool, collected, and incredibly cerebral. Given this evidence, one can conclude that Tyler is Hobbes, reincarnated after being trapped inside Calvin/Jack’s brain for so many years. Just as Calvin is Jack, Hobbes is Tyler.
    • Marla Singer is the avatar of Susie. Similar to the reason Calvin hates Susie – she advocates everything he is not and embarrasses all that he can't – Jack loathes Marla.
    • And many more….worth a read. It makes me miss college where these kind of thoughts are actually encouraged.
  • It's interesting to read the script for Fight Club (here) and see line for line how the movie comes to life through Norton and Pitt. Say what you want about them (Norton's latest Down in the Valley sucks and Pitt's gone off the deep end with Angelina, but then again, who wouldn't), but they rocked this movie.

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