The Biggest and Baddest Bear Ever


Here’s a great story I read a few years ago that i thought i’d share with y’all:

The following picture is of a guy who works for the US Forest Service in Alaska and his trophy bear. He was out deer hunting about a year ago when a large grizzly bear charged him from about 50 yards away. The guy unloaded his 7mm mag semi-automatic rifle into the bear and it dropped a few feet from him. The big bear was still alive so he reloaded and shot it several times in the head.

The bear was just over one thousand six hundred pounds. It stood 12′ 6″ high at the shoulder, 14′ to the top of his head. It’s the largest grizzly bear ever recorded in the world.

Of course, the Alaska Fish and Wildlife Commission did not let him keep the big guy as a trophy. Instead, the bear was stuffed, mounted, and placed on display at the Anchorage airport (to remind tourist’s of the risks involved when in the wild).

Based on the contents of the bear’s stomach, the Fish and Wildlife Commission established the bear had killed at least two humans in the past 72 hours. His last meal was the unlucky nature buff (picture is here if you have the stomach). The US Forest Service, backtracking from where the bear had originated, found the hiker’s 38-caliber pistol emptied. Not far from the pistol were the remains of the hiker. The other body has not been found. Although the hiker fired six shots and managed to hit the grizzly with four shots (they ultimately found four 38 caliber slugs along with twelve 7mm slugs inside the bear’s dead body) it only wounded the bear – and probably angered it. The bear killed the hiker an estimated two days prior to the bear’s own death by the gun of the Forest Service worker.

Think about this. If you are an average size man; you would be level with the bear’s belly button when he stood upright, the bear would look you in the eye when it walked on all fours! To give additional perspective, consider that this particular bear, standing on its hind legs, could walk up to an average single story house and look over the roof, or walk up to a two story house and look in the bedroom windows.

Update: I just posted another cool story about a bear on my blog here

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119 thoughts on “The Biggest and Baddest Bear Ever
  1. hey gus cleary….u are a complete dumbass!! have u seen bigger and who gives a shit about rifle caliber he still killed it dipshit. and it says us airman not us forest worker.

  2. Thanks Gus for clearing that up as it is readily apparent some posters did not either read or perhaps understand what was written. I will agree it is a very large bear, but the photos forced perspective makes it seem truly gigantic.

  3. how long will it take untill there are no more fucking huge bears to kill….at this rate they will be extinct because your killing them all

  4. I am with you Jackie – stories like this make me sick. It is quite pathetic how some people feel the need to inflate their egos by murdering creatures that have the massive disadvantage of not being able to carry a gun. Self-defence is one thing but this is just plain murder.


  6. read the real story and the bear wasn’t showing any signs of aggression, it’s size and weight have been recorded. at boon and crocket i believe. it was a massive bear not a world record however. both men had appropriate tags for their hunt and all in all was a good kill. nice one i reckon i would have shitmyself lol. people please if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. people here are offering comments on a subject and have a right to their opinion as well as a right not to be slandered while doing so.

  7. Man that thing looks like it would feed a small nation world record or not who cares stay away from them and they will stay away from you, you would be more at risk of death walking down any big city from any amount of wankers and muggers junkies and the like stay out of the bears business.

  8. Dude. you did the right thing. you probably saved a couple peoples lives. if i was as brave as you i would have done the same thing. nice bear. they should of let you keep it. itd make a nice full mount. its head is the size of my fricken bathroom. nice shot, good job man. dont listen to these people that are making negative comments about you. there just pussies. you did the right thing, and just remember its kill or be killed in this word, and you were the smart one and you killed that thing before it could kill you.

  9. and yes i am a hunter and i am going big game hunting in africa with my uncle after my junior year in highschool. hes gonna buy me a nice magnum rifle, and ill probably end up shooting an antelope or leopard or buffalo or something.

  10. A Full grown Siberian Tiger would still win in a brawl. Let’s get an official poll going. Tigers are way more agile…Right?

    Physical traits

    Tigers are the largest and heaviest cats in the world.[6] Although different subspecies of tiger have different characteristics, in general male tigers weigh between 200 and 320 kg (440 lb and 700 lb) and females between 120 and 181 kg (265 lb and 400 lb). At an average, males are between 2.6 and 3.3 metres (8 feet 6 inches to 10 feet 8 inch) in length, and females are between 2.3 and 2.75 metres (7 ft 6 in and 9 ft) in length. Of the living subspecies, Sumatran tigers are the smallest, and Amur or Siberian Tigers are the largest.

  11. Hey All American Republican hunter I hope you get killed by the innocent animals you practice killing that way nobody would ever have to listen to your retarded opinions again. Stay away from them and they’ll stay away from you, then you wouldn’t have to use your killing theroy on animals. You like killing animals because you think it gives you control but your theroys on the subject are retarded.

  12. What thrill do you get out of Killing?
    Honestly I don’t get it.
    I understand hunting for food purposes but for the simple fact of killing I just don’t get it

  13. Hey Sara Fuck you. He was defending himself. What are you going to say next? that im a coward for making it into the marines and serving my country. if so than why dont you try makin git through the training i went through . and then do some of the stuff ill be doing in the next month. maybe then youll appreciate what we soldiers do.

  14. by the way im only 18. and ive killed over 20 animals. and soon im gonna go over to iraq, and kill terrorists. and ill be proud. you can talk to me once you respect your soldiers you bitch

  15. If anyone wants to support me email me at if you are just going to cuss me out. then i hope you get drafted into the military you prick.

  16. If i get killed i hope it tears at you on the inside and makes you appreciate what we go through to keep this country safe from people who want to kill us. safe from those islamic extremists who are ordered to wage war on all non muslim religions and countries, and to not show any mercy for anyone that does not follow allah and his prophet muhammed. they are crazy. and they dont care who we are or what we do. they just hate us for being christian and american, and we all need to realize that, and i hope that some day you will too. and i hope some of you will enlist and defend our country for what is right. ill be hearing from some of you guys shortly. thanks. and i hope i make it back in one piece.

  17. Hey All American Republican Hunter Keep your comments to yourself little man. And has far has
    the fuck you Sara you should apoligize for that,
    since you talk about freedom she has the right to her opinion same has you…little man. The hunter did not kill the bear to protect himself
    he shot it because he wanted to shoot a bear while deer hunting. So maybe you should read his hunting partners account before telling Sara
    fuck you. And before you shoot your mouth off
    to me boy, I am a former Navy Seal and I used to chew little idiots like you up and spit them out. I have seen more action than you’ll ever see
    and yes there are evil people out there…George W is defintly one of them. Think before you speak BUTTHEAD!

  18. Oh by the way All American Republican Hunter,
    better change that attitude boy or you’ll be dead in a week. Those bad boys your so happy to fight are seasoned fighters and your not. You’ve lost all respect for your enemy ability to fight
    little man and thats a dead mans mistake. Everybodys a tough guy tell the bullets start flying then it’s reality time, personally with your attitude I think you better get some depends diapers. That way when you shit yourself at least your pants will be clean.

  19. oh so you say you were a seal huh? When did you serve and Where. Whats your rank. Where did you train if you know so much?

  20. Good job dude
    i would have done the same thing.
    I kinda hope one of you crazy animal loving people get attacked by one and then maybe it will change your mind

  21. You know Barak you sound alot like a alleged
    marine sniper…boy. What is it with you marine boy, are you so psychotic you wish harm to people. Scary really but this is how serial killers start, so I sure we will see you in the news.

  22. That is a huge bear… If I were you I beleive I would have killed it too! Not many like that… Wicked Cool… Jeff in NH…

  23. Hey Hunter

    I have dire respect for those who serve in the military. But hunting and the military are two totally different subjects. I bet your the kind of person who would kill innocent citizens when you get deployed to Iraq rigth? You have such an erge to kill mixing hunting with the military I don’t get it. When you are killing animals are you thinking of terriosts I really don’t get you. Please clarify how hunting relates to the military please.


  25. First of all it states that he was out deer hunting, if he hadn’t been out deer hunting there would be no need to have killed the bear right? Second of all if he wasn’t out hunting there would be no need to stare one of those big******* in the first place right? Think about it, the answer is simple. Last but not least the bear had an unfair advantage the hunter had a weapon where as the bear didn’t. But the simple fact is the hunter thought he would be viewed as some kind of wonderful! but the question is could he of killed the bear with his own hands? Nope ! The hunter had no purpose to kill the bear other than to be viewed as a hero. Stay out of there habbiat!! Simple!!! than know person or animal would get hurt.

  26. The humans shouldn’t have been around the bear in the first place its as plain and simple as that. And do you believe everything you read? Because I think your a bit gullable!

  27. What I find disturbing is that there are actually people taking the bear’s side in the matter! The man wasn’t bear hunting, the bear was the one hunting the man! Anyone who feels sorry for the bear does not so much care about animals, they just hate people. Not all bears hunt people, just like not all people are murderers. The thing is do we let bears or people who kill people? I would hope that the life of an innocent person would be held in higher regard than a killer whether it be a man or beast. To look at it in another light the man also saved dozens, if not hundreds, of deer and other animals from being killed by the bear. If a deer is killed by the bear is it the deer’s fault? The deer has no where else to go but the wilderness where the bear also lives. I fail to see where it is ok for a bear to kill other helpless animals but it is wrong to kill a bear in self defense? My last comment is that I do like bears and am actually doing research on grizzly bear preservation projects, that’s how I came to see the picture.

  28. For those thinking the bear was hunting the man, go and read his hunting partners account. This guy went deer hunting but told his friend that he was going to take a bear if one came along. The bear showed no aggression toward the hunters. The thing is for all you shoot everything that move’s idiots, someday those animals will be gone and then you’ll have nothing to shoot but yourselfs.

  29. West! The bear did not attack the hunters, nor did it charge! His partners account tells all about how this guy was looking to shoot a bear. Had he not claimed it attacked him he would have been nailed for poaching. I suggest
    your read his hunting partners account of what really happened.

  30. this bear is huge it’s arm is as big as me! you guys should of not shot it. it looks cute and old that pooooooooooooooore thing you guys are mean! poooooop i hate you guys you should of thoght of leting it live!

  31. I think its kinda sad how one guy brags about going to iraq as a marine sniper, and another guy says he is navy seals, personaly i know a few ex- special forces and non of them brag, nore speak about what they have done. Do you have something to proove?? who can piss higher up the wall?? or am i just another little boy?? thats all i wanna say on that matter. Apart from the fact thats one big bear, and the guy wasnt breaking the law by shooting it and is perfectly entitled to shoot it until a law says otherwise. However, for all the nature habitat preservation activists out there, if you speak about loving animals the way you do, then why dont you find a better way to protect them, instead of tieing your selves to trees, hunters in many different organisations spend there time and money putting effort into effective preservation of hunting habitat, because they to understand that if they animal dissapears so does there sport. I suggest you read about these organistations, you may learn something

  32. tiger, i have a hard time believing that you were a navy seal, not to mention you are such a dumbass for taking the bears side in the matter. what would you have done you fucking retard!!!!!

  33. not to mention i am a heavy supporter of all the great americans that fight for freedom, espicially George W. Bush. Our president is a great man whether you can realize it or not.

  34. seriosuly….
    what the fuck are you americans on?
    American Republican… just stfu, you sound like the most ARROGANT fuckin american i have EVER heard. You make up shit about “islamic extremists” hating you Americans for “no reason”. There are a fucking lot of good reasons let me tell you. Not that i agree with the fucking muslims, but i wont let you say that absolute bullshit.
    and just so you know, you totally fucked up this comment board, you got people reading your comments because you sound like SUCH a fucking sped. But yea, have fun in Iraq DICKHEAD!

  35. ok everyone, let’s stop with the bickering. This is a post about bears being really big – not about america’s war on terror. Please don’t post anymore about whether or not the previous posters are or are not morons. I think we’ve taken it as far as it is going to go.

  36. Listen HERE ….Stop being tree hugging hippy loving a-holes. Most of you have no idea what the hell your talking about. This bear killed a hiker, and the pictures on this web site dont show the hikers remaines in its stomach. If you really think is cool to save bears and think this bear shouldnt have been killed because it was nice, i think we should put all your dum asses up in alaska with out a gun and see if the bears will attack you, or the wolves.

  37. When an animal or person preys on people, it’s time to destroy that killer. Dog, big cat, bear, serial killer. No difference. Anyone who believes an individual animals life is more important than any human life has no humanity. People who hunt for sport also have a serious issue of a need to kill.

  38. I just want to say to that american hunter dude who thinks gerorge Bush is a good president – fucking hell, what are you on? he is a little munchikin with the mind of a retarded spashdick. Also he was caught swearing on tv at are primeminister tony blair he said something about the trade union and the he said “Shit like that” Also i would however say that the marines kick ass. i am not going to say i used to be a high ranking general or a navy seal like what tiger said. But i was in iraq for a brief period of time and i would also like to say that american soldiers listen to music when there actually fighting the people in the tanks. They directly abuse the tanks computer system, using it to play music and THAT is the truth.

    ps i am sorry to the guy who runs the website but this place is felling more like a chatroom than simple comments.
    pps The story is wrong but i have read over five differnt versions of it and i have know idea which one is true.

  39. i think all of you are stupid.. I served, my statist is classified so i don’t brag.. if my life or anyone ‘s was in danger . I would have killed that bear too..he al;ready ate 2 humans .. your belief systems are your own logic. so keep that crap to your self . who really gives a fuck??? life isn’t an elaborate game, and way to short for bullshit. live and let live . truth is, fuck w/ mother nature , explore, hunt , hike, and love it. is ok .. but keep your low level allegations to your self.. because no one knows why anything happens , it just does.. the “why” question is more suitable for an sane universe were logic rules, not here. so keep wasting your time ,w/opinions, defending each other , and focusing on what is real. is any of it objective reality ,or subjective reality??
    i believe you don’t even know what that even means..
    get real people, Urthe

  40. good luck…{},,,if anyone wants to respond personally.. enlightment is only for people who veiw things for what they really are, and honestly.. everyone has there on beleif system, but its your’s..

  41. What is wrong with all of you bickering people? Its like you live to argue…and I can’t help but wonder if that bear was good eating or not?

  42. wow all I can say! I wouldn’t know whether to run or just look at that bear… It’s amazing! But I agree with I HATE PEOPLE WHO KILL ANimals if we go into there envinment we need to realize the danger it is there terf not ours at that point.. and it really makes you think that were no match to an animal of that size…. especially if we do not have a gun or any other weapon…

  43. Well,
    I can see that there are alot of people who don’t like hunting “but” why are you speaking out against hunting when you should be speaking out against the way the that the cows are slaughtered for beef. They are lined up for hours and they can sense the smell of death at the slaughter house. They are hit on the head with a hammer and then killed.
    In a hunters case they have to find the animal not buy it off a shelf. the hunted animal sometimes doesn’t even know they’re gonna die when the cows know they’re gonna die.
    I do agree that pumping a bunch of lead into an animal can be cruel but in this case there is no way in hell that he killed this bear cruely.
    I hunt and I like it and none of you animal lovers are any better than me because i like animals to. I do admire them but hunting is just a way of me enjoying the outdoor and I like enjoying hunting becasue I do like the meat. it’s alot freasher then beef bought in stores.
    on my last note ” there is enough room in this world for gods little creatures, Right by the mashed potatos” Alot of people might not like that but oh well.

    Hunting is great and I love it. You can call me a murderer or whatever but I am enjoying something that I was taught at a young age.
    Keep enjoying hunting all of you Hunters
    And to you animal activists, I am praying that you’ll see the light.
    “Git-Er-Done every hunter

  44. Summer Morse,
    you really think that that bear is cute, Well I sure as hell would like to see you out in the woods with one of them after you. but I would like to also see you survive just to hear you say how “cute” that bear really is.

    Get Real the fucking thing would eat you for an apetizer.

  45. At least that bear has sense if you saw the image of that hiker that was killed by the bear.

    ps: if any one wants to know why i said that hiker was an idiot – it was because who walks around alone in america. I stayed there for one month with my family (my mum, dad, sister, and two brothers) and guess what happened to them? One brother got beaten up by some black ganster dude, i almost got shot (well i say almost but by that i mean there were a few gun shots when i was sitting on a park bench and one hit the tree above me) my mother almost got raped or at the very least mugged. My dad got a brand new scar from visiting his cousin who is a bartender and my only sister got attacked when she was in the bar with my dad by some fat arse bitch who was looking for a fight.

    pps: i know this was in canada but the entrie west is fuycked up
    PPPS: i am british not a paki

  46. I dont care about the subject. I did untill I noticed all the people who were giving opinions like they were facts, you people really need to learn to spell before you start bad mouthing everybody.

  47. No matter which story was true, be it the bear wasn’t charging or it was, the bear was taken legally and clean. If you think hunting is cruel and should be outlawed the please by all means you are free to leave this country and settle where hunting is illegal. Also there were comments that the bear might not have known the hunters were there. If you are within 35 to 50 yards of a bear and when you hurry away, trust me the bear knows your there. When hiking with friends in the woods, if you come across a bear, you don’t have to be the fastest runner to get away. Just don’t be the slowest

  48. Okay Learn to spell you should learn to spell.
    1. Untill, the word until only has 1 l
    2. The word don’t has an apostrophe after the n and before the t

  49. when was the last time you saw a bear in the super market? Oh Yeah thats right they shop for their food in the forest.DUH. and people buy their food in the SUPER Market. Animals where in the forest first, but man being as greedy as they are have to have control of the forest too. If someone got in your way in the super market would you shoot them? I thought man had the ability to use logic. Bears use the skills they were born with, they don’t head to the shops to fill their need for food. They eat whats there and if it is a human their logic is to kill to fill their need for food. They don’t go “oohh excuse me buddy I’ll just walk past you and go to the butchers for a steak”.

  50. The people here that are complaining about the killing of the bear are uneducated idiots who don’t think before speaking. Even if it hadn’t shown aggression towards the guy that shot it, it killed and ate other humans meaning it HAS aggressive tendencies. If it wasn’t put down its a fact that it would have killed other humans. The people that say it shouldn’t have been killed and that its not humane are actually the sickest low lives b/c their not taking human life into consideration. Aww the poor bear. The poor, vicious, man-eating bear. Idiots. This was literally a killing machine. It doesn’t have feelings, it will go around killing people as long as its alive. Kudos to the guy that shot it. He prevented other peoples deaths. He’s not going around killing things for the hell of it, he’s doing what has to be done.

  51. theres nothing wrong with hunting we don’t do it for the hell of it we clean cook it and eat it get over it if you have a problem with that get ovet it and goto a different blog

  52. I just read about a similar event, but with a pig and i posted it on this blog too. I’d love to hear what you all think of this too. Is it different when it is a pig instead of a bear?

    The link is here: CLICK HERE

  53. i don’t know why my other comments weren’t posted, but animals are living to u morons, they deserve this crap, let me ask you all something, lets use some common sense here, if they weren’t out to kill a bear, which this article states, how come they saw salmons massacred, and said this looks like a plates diner and then followed it down the creek to where the bear eventually was?? if you are in fear of something, would you go towards it or away from it?? i think you would go towards it only if you had other intentions, ie killing it, these guys are morons, i respect people that fight for their countries and freedoms, i dont respect people that don’t respect life because the animals and speak and hold protests saying were killing them and its wrong, people that kill animals are the lowest people in this world, those that do it cause its a necessity to survive, thats fine because that is what they need to do to survive, those that do it for thrills and other material reasons, i hope u all burn in hell you moronic idiots that can’t appreciate life, as for the guy ranting about going to iraq and his africa trip coming up, i hope you get put to sleep for a very long time one way or another, oh i mean did i say that, i meant i wish you luck!!! stupid retard, and the rest that support him are just as stupid, just as uneducated, and just as low…

  54. well, “An all american(republican) hunter”…FUCK YOU!!! Pussies???? are you kiddin me???who the hell do you think you’re calling pussies at? tha guy right there in the photo should die…with a slow and painful death just for him to know what that pour creture soffered! and i don’t understand how people can even say “thank gos you’re alive” god! do you know what “sensebility” means?? you people have no heart…
    i totally agree with lisa

  55. I get everyones point here, yea it was wrong to kill the bear but then again i would have killed it to save myself… i mean thats a big bear and if it would have came at me i would have shot too.. so sara i get way ur defensive in the case of the bear but i also get the others’ point in killing the bear…. but yea everyone has the right to an opinion and everyone else should respect that and not mouth off about it.
    thank you guys for not slanderizing me since i am only 15

    emily michelle

  56. if we all was in the woods, and a bear came out. Pour honey on me and HELP the bear or watch me whoop that bear @$$. I wouldn’t need no weapons accept for my fist. That was a big B****. I might had to to use my kicks also, to take him down. But i would had came out the winner in this fight, best believe.

  57. I’ve been pretty stressed lately. This site helps to ease the anxiety! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks a lot and take care of yourself.

    Mrs. McNamara

  58. hi ppl

    This bear is not real !!!!!
    I Saw discovery documentry called Ultimate Bear
    And they talked to the person in the photo and He dose have the bear in his tropy cabinet but its a lot smaller ,, it dose hold some world record but not for the biggest i dont think ,, The pic was exagurated in cyberspace , and the person who shot that bear also said that to the best of his knowlage that the bear had never eaten and human !! dont belive all u see online

  59. Dude u done a good job,well i m pretty against that animal should be kill but unless and until they break rules or harmful not only for man but also other creatures of forest… do not mind people always say,they do not understand situation …who keeps negative statement keep them at that situation they will sue in their pant or may be they will not get a chance for this also…..thanks buddy u did good job……welldone

  60. The siberian tiger would stand NO CHANCE against this type of bear.This was already proven on animal face off,the bear immediately broke the tigers back with one swipe after the cat made its first pounce..

  61. you all need to get a life and quit arguing on the net about something that you have no control over. I am sure that anyone in their right mind would try to survive a bear attack or any type of attack for that matter. until you are put in that situation and have to make that type of judgement you can’t say a damn thing about wheather that ranger was right or not. self preservation tends to kick in that kind of situation.

  62. That is one BIG ass bear, I would have definately shot it if it were charging after me. I was born and raised in Montana and have never seen a Grizzly even close to that size, 9’6″ is the biggest I ever seen…and that is big. I don’t know who that dumb bitch Sara is but people hunt to eat, not everybody lives around the corner from a grocery store. I don’t know why people like her even leave comments on this kind of site, it’s for hunters so go back to your Mary Poppins fairy site and leave comments.

  63. Just a comment in defense of hunting. A lot of activists always bring up the point that when the hunters kill the last one, what will you hunt then. Fact: hunters contribute over 90% of all funding that is used to preserve wildlife. Most of the funds come through their state and federal hunting licenses and fees. Fact: There are far more hunter organized charities working to preserve wildlife (and are doing far more good) than there are those from the animal activist groups. Hunters realize that wildlife must be preserved for future generations and have been working to preserve it since the early 1900โ€™s. Hunting is a tradition in most families and if the wildlife is not preserved, then our sons and daughters will not be able to enjoy hunting as we have. It is the hunters who are providing the money and time to get the job done. Fact: wildlife has to be managed. There have been several instances where the anti-hunting groups have closed down deer hunting in several areas. It did not take but a couple of years until hunting was allowed again. Why? Because the deer population outgrew the habitat and a lot of the deer starved to death. Managed hunting provides a very valuable service in controlling the animal population. Who organized and established the state fish and game in most states? Who lobbied for a national fish and game department? Again it was the hunters. So next time you go to condemn hunting, remember that it is because of hunters that we have most of the wildlife that we do today.

    Will Rogers once said, โ€œJust how stupid you are depends on which side of the country you are standing at the timeโ€. What he meant was, a persons opinion or beliefs are based upon ones upbringing and experience. If you do not believe in hunting that is fine. But donโ€™t condemn those who do until you have experienced hunting yourself.

  64. Why kill such amazing creature that God has created? They could have captured it or something, animals were in the forest waaaay before we came into their own enviroment. I just don’t think is right.

  65. Hey u americans!

    I just saw in TV this guy who shot this big bear and he said, that he doesn’t know why people are telling this bear was a maneater! He does not know anything about this dead hiker story! And he asked everybody to check the picture! The grass is big and so so green! A biologist checked it and said that it has been taken in south india and you can see a victim of a tiger, because bears eat everything of the dead body also the bones not just the muscles and they will start whit the stomach!
    Anyway, hunting provides some money for the forests and for the national parks, and maybe, for the other animas who will stay alive, it is a bigger chance to live!
    But if you will go to the forest, you have to deal with the chace to meet a bear, and you should not kill it, because it is you who entered it’s territory. And you are stupid if you kill one of gods creations because it can couse you harm. If we will kill everything what can kill us or we are afraid of, there will be only ponyhorses and butterflys in the word, so it will be really empty.

    Ps. Do not belive everything what you hear or see in the media! It was not a maneater bear! ….but I saw this hunter also in the TV…..!:))

  66. Man, republican your a god damned complete retard man, you wont make it back this time. you got your head to far in your ass. i learned that crap my first time over there, almost lost it. just learn some respect asswipe your not better then any other little jar head bitch that comes out of BTC thinking hes the shit. pussy

  67. ok…. not really getting all the bear lovers out there. it doesn’t matter whether the bear was attacking the guys at the time or not, the bear had already killed at least 2 people in the last 24 to 48 hours.. i’m thinking it was a good idea to kill it. I’m not picking sides, just think about it

  68. oh and the bear is real. I have a friend who lives in anchorage and its now stuffed in the anchorage air port..

  69. Hey i think what you did was great plus you animal lovers I’m 12 years old and I already work at a vetinarian school I’ve helped thousands of animals i love animals but I still think that what he did was right because that bear could of killed many more people and if you were on the right site the bear did charge at aproximitly 350 yards

    hey the guy who shot the bear you inspired me to right a book on a man who was deer hunting and it attacked him i just got done its 100 pages long and very good

    thats my opinion! thanks

  70. disgusting. way to shoot the thing for sport you idiot.
    And to all you gun crazy ego hunters. How about this, how about from now on you hunt with a knife, then I would respect you. Truth is just think you’re all a bunch of coward’s in you’re camo hiding in the bushes, why not man up and make it interesting, the argument seems to be that you must kill a bear or the bear will kill you. well guess what, there are way too many humans on this planet. I would rather loose 100 humans than a great big old bear like that. You idiot hunter’s attach so much self importance to you’re own life. That bear has just as much a right to breathe the air as you. cowards.

  71. I TRIED to read most of the comments on here, but the amount of spelling errors and grammar is appalling. Don’t any of you have spell check on your browsers?

    Joana, you spelled three words in a row wrong: “pour creture suffored”. It’s “poor creature suffered”. You then said “do you know what sensebility means?” I can tell you it means nothing, because it’s not a word. My god, if you’re gonna give your opinion, at least make it some-what coherent.

    Now I will refer you to Ex Hunter’s post, because it makes the most sense in here, and his views are exactly how I feel about hunting. I’m a hunter and always will be.

    And Hauseye, if you value a bear’s life over 100 people, you’re sick. “How about you hunt with a knife.” Good point, and while we’re at it, how about you slaughter your own cows and pigs? I mean at least we’re man enough to kill our food, but you just let some guy at a slaughterhouse do it for you…if that’s not coward, I don’t know what is. You’re worse than the “evil hunters” you rant about.

  72. hey Get an education,

    Thanks asshole for the advise but I don’t eat meat.
    And no I don’t have any problems with people that do.
    What is you’re point?

    I have killed animal’s myself and was raised on a farm? I do not think hunting is evil at all. Hunting for food is necessary for some people & sport to others.
    I have no respect for the sport.

    And no I’m not sick. I just know more than you.
    I never said evil hunters.

    And eduaction is spelled education you fuck witt.

  73. hey retard that calls himself hauseye. what the hell would you do if this thing was comin at you full speed. that guy did the right thing and shot the bear to death. if you wouldnt shoot that bear when its charging at you because you dont like shooting animals then your fucked up. and to the guy that shot the bear, good job, that bear took to peoples lives and it was about to take yours and you didnt let that happen. if i was you at the time i would have done that same thing. good job.

  74. BIG MAN, BIG MAN. Hey, lets go into the woods and shoot some animals that have done nothing wrong cause were BIG MEN. Do you think we should respect what we kill in any way? you know, like make the most of what we kill so we dont have to do it again for a while? nah who cares there just animals its not like their living things or anything they dont care about getting shot by gutless white men

  75. My parents are in Alaska right now – they passed through the Ancorage airport 2 days ago and saw this bear stuffed in the airport. They were both shocked at the reality of its size. They also said the abundance of wild life there is staggering. I don’t necessarily like ‘mindless’ killing of animals, but it is a sport. I would have killed it, probally out of fear if for no other reason.
    We are at the top of the food chain for a reason.
    I have gotten quit a kick out of all the trash talk though – nice to know people are passionate about something.

  76. typical yank. Those country folk are weird as hell. they live in isolation and kill any thing they come in contact with-

    no wonder they all travel inside their own country because the rest of the world knows how weird and backwards they really are- however propoganda keeps them all stupid and not to ask questions.

  77. put the animal lovers out in woods. and have the bear run at them and see if they prae for a biggun???. look at the size of the bear ho all ready killed 2 humons

  78. wow reading this is just unbelievable. One, the guy who says he’s a seal….BS second the tree huggers have no concept of hunting. If this bear is real its incredible. And the marine who is a little ampt I woud expect nothing less. horra

  79. haha, this whole comment page is a hippy jamb band fest. bears in the wild kill folks.. specially in the boonies, they dont know or care if your an animal or a human, your prey. They will hunt you just like we hunt them. Go to alaska, large polar bears and black bears interact with you in almost anyway, you have to kill them, or they will come for you…. Sweet opinions from sitting in your air conditioned cubical in the middle of san fransico, way to judge poeple you dont know in situations you couldn’t never comprehend guys.

  80. The facts are the man was hunting for deer. While he was hunting a 1,600 pound bear charged him. Both were exercising there primal instincts which is eat or be eating. This time the bear lost, but as the story said the bear had won before. Regardless of what everyone’s opinion is both bears and humans are both animals driven by the need to eat. Make no mistakes when you are in the wild you enter a land that does not fear humans and to some species of animals we are food just like they are food to us.

    Oh ya by the way I’m a hippie who loves jam bands music.

  81. DW #
    Bears generally don’t attack people out of impulse. They’re far more likely to walk away from you and not attack. Attacks on humans are exaggerated. In fact, in various human populated areas, bears have become partly nocturnal to avoid human contact. We can mainly blame ourselves for the little contact there is.

    And I personally don’t really favour hunting for the fun of it. Especially with wonders like this. It’s a shame.

  82. What is wrong with some people. This was a man-eater, a man-eater! Man has the right to go into woods, man has the right to hunt in the woods. I’m not a hunter, but if I were going into the Alaskan wild I’m going strapped. This animal lost any right to survival when human life was threatened or taken. The animal has to go. The man was hunting deer , the bear charged him. What did he do? Shoot to kill as he was trained to. Anyone that wanted to live would have done the same. You don’t take a knife to gunfight and you had better have the right fire power in the Alaskan wild.

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