New Summer Movie Schedule

I'm updating the summer movie schedule. Kevin Smith has a very funny quote on his blog (no-joke) about why he's moving Clerks II up:

In a ballsy move that says “Fuck you: we’re a five million dollar flick and we’re coming out in the fucking middle of the summer, bitches!”

So, the schedule is now:

  • May 19: Da Vinci Code
    • Up in the air. Tom Hanks was a bad choice and i don't think they can wedge all the cool code cracking stuff into 2 hours. But Ron Howard is usually pretty awesome so we'll see.
    • Also coming out is Over the Hedge which looks pretty funny.
  • May 26: X-Men: The Last Stand (trailer)
    • Looks awesome! I couldn't be more excited about this one although i've heard that Brett Ratner has totally destroyed it (early review here)
  • June 2: The Break-Up (trailer)
    • This looks really funny because Vince Vaughn in clearly in his comedy prime. I also heard that in the original they actually breakup, but test audiences have so much sympathy for Jennifer Aniston that they wanted her to get the guy at the end so they reshot it so they end up together – which is pretty lame. But, on the other hand they reshot Casablanca 4 times and it ended up pretty good.
  • June 6: The Omen – looks scary and i loved the original 1976 Omen, so i'm excited for the latest. (trailer)
  • June 9: Cars – Pixar is batting 1.000, can they continue to rock? Everything has to come down sometime and i wouldn't be surprised if this movie is sub-par – the trailers look stupid. But then again, you never know with Pixar they always pull it out somehow. I guess we'll see. UPDATE: Actually, the just released a trailer that doesn't look half bad – check this out.
  • June 16: Nacho Libreda-nacho.jpg
    • This looks so damn funny. Jack Black is fan-tas-tic! Napoleon mixed with Tenacious D. Can't wait. The trailer is hilarious
  • June 23: Click – If it wasn't adam sandler, i wouldn't even waste my time writing about it. Chances of this being good: 3%
  • June 30: Superman Returns
    • This looks really good. I just saw the new trailer: Spacey looks great as Lex, Bosworth is good. I also like how the story now has Clark Kent and Lois once being together and then him ditching her – and then returning. Some good spice there. Matt Lewis had a good point: could be a bad idea to make it retro. Why make it take place in the 50's and 60's? I like superhero movies that are more modern.
    • Also coming is Devil Wears Prada – a lame chick-lit book turned into an even lamer chick-movie only without any romance, just an old boss yelling at an assistant – wow, sounds great.
  • July 7: Pirates of Caribbean: Dean Man's Chest
    • Johnny Depp nails this character and i think this looks like a fun ride. Let's just hope they don't make the plot too screwed up.
  • July 14: Pulse – japanese horror movie that will scare the crap out of you – originally done by Kurosawa.
  • July 21: Lady In The Water
    • This is the latest M. Night Shyswe*an…movie. I liked The Village more than most, and thought Unbreakable was very underrated and, of course, Sixth Sense was awesome. At least he tries to be different and original
    • Super Ex-GirlfriendUma and Luke Wilson. Uma has super powers. Could be cool, could be Prime. I think it'll be pretty lame. Luke is a great 6th man (Old School, Wes Anderson movies) but can't carry a movie and this just feels too weak for me. Then again, Ivan Reitman is directing and he's done mostly good (Old School, Stripes, Animal House) but also some bad (Beethoven's 2nd, Evolution) flicks.
    • Clerks II. (moved up from August!) Not sure what i think about this. My guess is that it probably has some funny dialogue but fails pretty hard as a movie.
  • July 28: Miami Vice – NOW we're talking. In case you weren't aware, this ismiamivice.jpg made by Michael Mann who made the amazing movie Heat and did the original Miami Vice tv show. And, it has Jamie Foxx who's probably the coolest actor going right now. I mean how many actors can you think of who were probably the cool kid in high school? That's what i thought. I want the cool kids of my movies to have actually known what it was like to be cool.
  • August 4: Talladega Nights – Will Farrell being a total Nascar moron. Could rival Nacho Libre as the funniest movie of the summer
    • Also coming – Flags of Our Father – Clint Eastwood's latest written by the same guy who did Million Dollar Baby. War movie of Iwo Jima – could be sweet.
  • August 18: Snakes on a Plane. I must admit, the hype (and blogs) have totally worked for me. It's absurd, it's stupid – but so am i – and i'll see it. If fact, one of the few movies with a Wikipedia entry

That's the summer. Should be one of the best in a long time. A few good sequels, a few funny comedies, and some mindless fun. Bring it.

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