Funny Captcha: A HotorNot version

All of us have seen the little puzzles you have to fill out in order to leave a comment or register for some service (they are called captcha‘s). They’re used to deter computer programs from leaving spam in comment sections and other nasty stuff. It actually stands for “completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart”


Today i stumbled across a new one that has a little more fun than the typical alphanumeric captcha – it’s called Hot Captcha. It requires you to choose 3 “hot” girls from 9 pictures. Below is a picture of it, click on it to go to the site hotcaptcha and try it for yourself:


It’s interesting how this works. They basically use the HotorNot API and query 3 women who are above the score 9.0 and 6 who are below a certain number (i’m not sure what it is). So, they are relying on the masses to choose who’s hot and then using that data to ask people a question, “who’s hot?” to prove you’re not a computer program. Awesome.

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