8 Ways Pirates of Carribean steals from Return of the Jedi

Watching Pirates of the Carribean this past weekend, i was stunned about how much of it was lifted from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Let me count the ways…

  1. The beginning of Jedi has a desert monster that did the bidding of Jabba.kraken.jpg This happens to look exactly like The Krackin – the sea monster that does Davy Jones’ bidding. You may recongnize the same little pointy teeth that they both have. (it was called a Sarlacc in ROTJ)
  2. The Ewoks are a cute little bunch of animals in the jungle. Pirates has a group of cannibals on an island who have a similarly cute little language. Just as they confuse Jack Sparrow as a god, the Ewoks confuse C3PO to be their god and place him in command
  3. The Ewoks are cannibals too – seriously, it says so on Wikipedia (although we all know how accurate that is)
  4. The Ewoks decide to burn Han Solo alive above a big fire pit that looks very similar to the fire where the cannibals try to burn Captain Jack. (Have to give credit to my friend Justin for this one). So basically Pirates took the Ewok scece and instead of having Luke, Leia, Chewy, and RD2 tied up and C3P0 as God, they used Jack for all it.
  5. Luke Skywalker is a lame, painful-to-watch guy with amanishwomen.jpg lightsaber who is upstaged by the more manly Princess Leia. Similarly, Orlando Bloom is (as always) a lame, painful-to-watch guy with a sword who is upstaged by the more manly Keira Knightly
  6. Both Luke and Orlando try to save their dads who have aligned themselves with the main villian (Emperor and Davy) – the main villians who are both trying to kill Luke/Orlando or convince him to join the bad guy army of troops.
  7. Comic relief is provided by Han Solo – a renegade that is temporarily trying to do the right thing to land a gal (Leia) – just as funny-man Jack Sparrow, a renegade pirate has a brief spell of integrity to impress Kiera.
  8. There are many other character similarities i could make such as between Lando and Cutler, R2D2 and CP30 are the same as the two funny guys with bad teeth who steal the chest and tried to steal the Black Pearl, and the Millenium Falcon is very similar to the Black Pearl.

Can you think of any others?

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114 thoughts on “8 Ways Pirates of Carribean steals from Return of the Jedi
  1. this is actually very good. I guess with so many movies being released each year, it’s only natural that the Hollywond is going to begin running in circles and try replicating success of other movies.

  2. With any movie you can take to be similar to another movie of some sort. Yes a couple of the points you made seem to be accurate, while the others are a bit of a stretch.

  3. The most obvious one I saw was that Jabba’s reason for chasing down Han was due to a debt he owed Jabba. Han had a certain amount of time to pay Jabba back for the cargo he dumped (in episode 1), siminlarly Davy Jones was after Jack Sparrow for a debt he owed to Davy, that debt was ownership of the Black Pearl.

  4. Ooh, Han owing the debt to Jabba a good one too. Some of the ones listed are a bit of a stretch, but once i started i couldn’t stop myself.

  5. Its also kind of funny that in the second movie jack Sparrow gets “eaten/captured” by the Kraken, just like Han Solo gets captured by Boba Fett. Then episode three has Luke (whom you compare to Orlando) going to Jabba (Davy Jones) to save Jack Sparrow (Han Solo).

    Haha, I’m a huge star wars fan, i could probably come up with 10 more of these.

  6. Lol, I got another one. This is a bit of a stretch, but a true Star Wars fan would agree with me.

    The “Black Spot” which is the so-called death mark of the pirate, allbeit a tangible mark, can easily be compared to the “death mark” Which if you pay clsoe attention to the opening scenes of the beginning of episode two in Hoth. Han Solo is leaving the Hoth base to “repay his debt” to jabba, one of the flight crew commander’s says to Han “A death mark is a tough thing to live with.” Following deep into Star Wars “mythology” a death mark is a life sentance served to someone by a powerful boss or a goverment. It basically means you have a slew of bounty hunters chasin you down till your dead or you pay your debt back.

    Death Mark = The Black Spot.

  7. Lol, earlier I stated: Then episode three has Luke (whom you compared to Orlando) going to Jabba (Davy Jones) to save Jack Sparrow (Han solo).

    It’s actually episode 6, not three, and it was Luke going to Jabba to save Han Solo, not Jack Sparrow. I can’t recall Jack Sparrow being in Star Wars, much less episode 6, but Johnny Depp is a pretty talented guy, he might have been in episode 4, drinkin’ a tall one in the Mos Eisley Spaceport cantina while Luke and Obi Won were looking for a pilot. =D

  8. Just a quick erratum – the Sarlocc was not technically doing Jabba’s bidding unlike Davy Jones’ Kraken. It was simply there and used as a convenient way of dispatching Jabba’s enemies or just those he was none too fond of. 🙂

  9. I have a BIG ONE. Barbosa was dead and come back. Guess who was dead and come back to help Luke. OBI-WAN!!!!!

  10. There are some similarities between the Black Pearl and the MIllenium Falcon.. both are ugly, owned by the funny guy and the fastest ones… Eventually we all know Jack Sparow will come back for the 3rd movie… Just as Han Solo did in Return of the Jedi..

  11. This is all very interesting but it is spelled Jabba not Jaba and is called the Sarlacc. And one more thing the ewoks are not cannibles, the articles on wikipedia are writted by just plain people who may not know anything about anything. I would know all this because I have the Star Wars Visual Dictionary.

  12. you bring up alot of interesting points article but ewoks are not cannibals in fact they are vegetarians. They only resorted to such violent action when the empire invaded and cut down the ewoks main food source to build landing zones and a shield generator this also caused the ewoks to become extremely hostile towards otsiders

  13. Ok, all of you nerds make me naseous! Sure Star Wars was entertaining and what not but those movies lost their worth the 10th time around! How can you even compare Star Wars to POTC? I’ve seen something similar done with LOTR and hey, quit trying so hard! At least the people who are fans of POTC are enjoying the films and not trying to bust their brains making comparisons or finding some kind of meaning for life! I would have you all know those movies take some things from the pirate ledgends and put them in movies, and far as I can tell, pirates have been around long before Star Wars.

  14. Hmmm yea you made sense with alot of things there but with the Kraken part im not to sure the Kraken was a mythelogical beast that draged ships to Davy Jones’s Locker(or the sea) so for all i know ROTJ could have gotten the Sarlacc idea from the Kraken,but hey i could be wrong.

  15. The Sarlacc/Kraken similarity is pretty weak. They are both just big man-eating monters, plenty of movies have coined that platform. Going down that path of logic we can start debating the similarities between POTC and “Little Shop of Horrors”.

    The fact that the rogue/comedic relif character (Han and Jack) both own the ship (Black Pearl and the Falcon) is another good point. That they are both considered “The fastest in the galaxy/ocean” is pretty good, too.

    A dissimilarity though is our proclaimed Leia (Kira) winds up with our Luke (Orlando).

    Eww, incest..

  16. Not to get too scholarly on the subject, but all these movies (POTC, SW, and LOTR) follow the same basic formula. The formula is the epic novel. Hero is lost in his ordinary life at first, meets a friend, they leave on a journey to accomplish a certain goal, they encounter enemies/obstacle, and eventually the hero ends up learning he is more than just a mere mortal but is some sort of chosen one. Many books, movies, and fairy tales follow this plot line. I think the original point of the list was to have fun, not to say that SW is better than POTC. (but it is)

  17. wow.i really loved all the star wars movies.watched them about 7 times.i didnt think theyed rip off ep.6.thx 4 the warning.but yea the sarlacc could have been based off the kracken.

  18. Guess what? The entire first STAR WARS movie (episode IV “A New Hope”) is taken from other old movies and serial. This was part of George Lucas’s style. This is true of most of the rest of the STAR WARS series. Every scene and just about every shot in Raiders of the Lost Arc is from an earlier movie or serial. So are these scene really stollen from Jedi, or borrowed from an earlier common ancestor?

  19. To the above poster.

    Don’t kill a good topic.

    I was having fun with this at work.

    Until you came around and killed my kitten.

  20. i would never have noticed you were a complet idiot. a krakin was around befor your pitiful sand monster and dude its just a movie u fat pice of s***

  21. I agree very much with Larry Fluharty. Being a filmaking fan, I understand the inspirations that inspired oneself as a kid…a little of this…a little of that. However with that in mind, the Hollywood Factory is as it is…a factory. Very few original idea’s. As in our 24 hour society, factory’s manufacture a product for the mass. 99% of the time they don’t have a patent (copyright) on the product. So you change the ingrediants enough to make it your own and hope to not get sued. I’m from the automobile industry…it’s the same there. Just enjoy your movies as you like to…opened minded with entertainment for you.

  22. I noticed it right away, but the things I noticed were the “swamp” with Yoda seemed to be the same used in the Star Wars movie and the “Yodatype” girl (can’t remember her name) was the same sort of character – also the characters on the Black Pearl reminded me of the bar scene characters (shape of heads) costumes etc. My children were in 1st grade at the beginning of SW, so I don’t really remember all the sequel movies, just bits and pieces.

  23. Okay.. the whole “black spot” and “death mark” thing IS a stretch.. because the black spot goes way back into pirate legends or stories or whatever… and those happened to be around before Star Wars.

    I’m sure all of these similarities (excuse my spelling) are just considence.

    I mean, do you honestly think the makers of POTC sat around and were like “Hey, lets see how many ways we can rip off Star Wars”

    I doubt it.

  24. okay you guys are all nerds!!! lol SW/LOTR/AND ESPECIALLY POTC are all awesome movies. You have too much time on yours hands. If you can’t just sit back and enjoy the movies as they are, GOOD Entertainment!! Can I have some of your time!! lol

  25. They also both have some jackass with no time on his hands pointing out coincidence that is irrelevant.

  26. It’s interesting to note that Star Wars was devived from a Japanese classic, “The Hidden Fortress” directed by Akira Kurosawa. Kurosawa, himself derived many of his ideas from John Ford. Therefore, any discussion about “stealing” is moot since any “journey ” or “quest” can be traced back to Homer or the “Epic of Gilgamesh” for that matter . All these stories rely upon symbols that we recognize easily, possibly unconsciously, similar to Carl Jung’s “collective unconscious.” It seems that things that entertain are either highly recognizable or novel in their conceptions. The critics panned “Pirates” because it is indeed comparable to movies like “Star Wars,” “The Crimson Pirate,” and their ilk. They tend to look for novelty as the touch stone for critical acclaim. Yet, the box office seems to thrive on familarity and that is both the bane and success of the modern movie business to somehow attach the veneer of novelty to something very familar. You can thank Depp’s performance for accomplishing that task.


  28. Wow… someone has too much time on their hands…
    And a very serious case of low self esteem with the blantant signs of jealousy. It’s okay that Orlando Bllom gets girls and you don’t. I’m sure you should be used to that by now. Okay, okay enough being mean.
    Anyway, the facts are this, the Kracken is an old sea legend like mermaids and sirens, so PotC did in fact rip off that idea, but from ancient lore not RotJ. And for all of you “Star Wars fanatics” clearly you are not because you are missing the biggest thing, Hans Solo is dant danta dah!!! A SPACE PIRATE!!
    The point is this, both, if you want to be technical, are rip offs and not original ideas because they each take old legends and folk lore and place them in different setting with their own characters. PotC kept it in the time of pirates and on the open sea and SW places it in a spacey, high tech galaxy a long time ago and far far away.

  29. Pretty weird, some of these, eh? But like many of you guys have said, they’re just movies. If we wanted to have an intelligent conversation about them, we’d put you in a room with a professor :P. Also, I couldn’t let the comments end with something as puerile and negative as the above comment.

  30. This movie is just like Casablanca. There is a guy… bogart. and there is a guy..cap’n Jack. and there is a girl in each of them too. holy cow… the stole the movie from casablanca.

  31. Yes…but want to know a difference?

    Pirates IS OOO much better then Starwars.

    I think you’re paying too close attention to it. and obbessing.

  32. Charles Vogel is the only person commenting that has any amount of greymatter. A story is a story is a story. Protagonist vs. Antagonist, comic-relief etc. When stripped of their quote un-quote historical trappings and geographical locations the story lines are all basically the same. Hey all you SW geeks, get a life.

  33. and and and….. Star Trek has a Vulcan that says “live long and prosper” and ROTJ has a Wookie that says “AAAARRRRRRRR” ….eerie how alike they are lol. In this day and age, you can compare any movie, to almost any other movie, and find MANY similarities to eachother. It doesnt mean they were stolen, just that Hollywood thinks they are more creative than they are…… they just forget that their idea’s have already been done before. It happens.

  34. I love POTC and Star Wars and one of the first things I thought of were the similarities between POTC and Return of the Jedi, specifically. However, I also thought of another one, (which I’m not sure if anyone mentioned because I’m afraid to admit I’m too lazy to read them all) and that is the fact that at the end of The Empire Strikes Back Han is frozen in carbonite and then of course they set out to go rescue him, kinda like Jack Sparrow being eaten and now the pirate heroes must go to the ends of the earth to find him. And, just so it’s on record, I don’t think it’s a terrible thing to spot the similarities, in fact it’s kinda fun, but I do think that POTC2 was kinda skirting the edges of movie similarities… but oh well, it was still fun.

  35. like shakespeare and soooooo many, maybe too many, others since and before, literary works and movies are based on ancient greek classics and whatnot. homage it is called i believe, or just plain running out of ideas, if they had any original ideas in the first place. makes it easier for the audience to watch a movie if they already know the plot. then all they have to do is wonder about johnny depp’s sexuality, and hairdresser

  36. I like this article. Not just because it makes sense, but because im really ripped about Pirates beating Star wars in the box office opeing weekend…No way pirates deserves that title.

  37. This could be a strtch also, but i think tortugo (where the pirates go to find all the crew for the Black Pearl) could be related to Mos Eisly on tatooine in “A New Hope”

  38. This could be a strtch also, but i think tortugo (where the pirates go to find all the crew for the Black Pearl) could be related to Mos Eisly (Major Spaceport) on tatooine in “A New Hope”

  39. Don’t you ALL KNOW that Star Wars happened
    A LONG TIME AGO in a galaxy FAR FAR AWAY,
    I assume that this has happened BEFORE ALL OF
    THE PIRATES here on earth geez!

  40. geesh are there no startrek fans here ;P
    okay heres a stretch in STWOK spocks dieing words are …”the needs of the many out way the needs of the one…..” and doesn’t Jack Sparrow come back for the many instead of continuing his escape to get the heart. hmmmm a comparision possibly…..hee hee yea for the trekkies.

  41. this movie basicly is star wars, fuckin similar in alot of ways, the sequence of stuff happening is pretty similar. but it is the fuckin greatest movie i have seen in a long time! fuckin class! i lovede every single second of it n it was exactly what ive been waiting for.

  42. This is effin stupid man…You people have way to much time on your hands. You guys are just mad because Pirates has kicked ass at the box office. Who cares if there are some similar concepts in it. Get over it there are movies all over the place that has scences, lines , characters, and god knows what else in common with some other movie. Anybody ever notive that Aeon Flux and Ultra Violet are the SAME damn move by a chance?

  43. This is a pretty good assesment. Although I would compare this movie to The Empire Strikes Back instead of Return of the Jedi. The reason being that there is not really a happy ending and movie goers were left with a lot of unanswered questions.

  44. this is like saying rap music has an original tune, everyone rips off of everyone else.

  45. to kevin v:
    anyone who says “the articles are writted” doesnt get to critique how others spell the names of fictitious characters

  46. Look, the same things happen in other moives as well and stories. So does it really matter. Everyone will copy everyone else, take high school for an example most try to fit in and they copy the popular people.

  47. Here’s another way Pirates steals from ROTJ:

    They both have -humans- as their main characters… Pretty deep, I know.

    Couldn’t we find a million similarities between ANY two given movies/stores, though? Hell, I’m sure if we get right down to it, a cookbook has a lot of similarities with Pride and Prejudice.

  48. I love both Classic Star Wars and now POTC.
    I do agree that there are similarities between Jedi and DMC, when I read the description for the first DMC trailer – it was obvious.
    However, I just wish George Lucas had remembered the formula with Episodes 1 to 3.
    Classic Star Wars and POTC are pure FUN!

  49. There is a thing called the “hero myth” — a standard plotline that many of today’s best-loved stories follow. Everything from “Lord of the Rings” to “Star Wars” to even “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Superman”, “X-men” and the numerous “based on a true story” sports movies hark back to this particular story. The plotline is used time and time again simply because it works so well.

    In that light, it is not uncommon for stories to resemble each other in telling style, scenarios, and character types (most of the beloved characters are very basic people with a certain set of strengths and flaws). And after a hugely successful movie like “Return of the Jedi”, lots of people would want to duplicate as much as they could without risking a plagarism lawsuit.

    Besides, you go to a tropical island and face natives and don’t get put on a spit. I want to see you do it.

    On a final note: I must stand up for my favorite Jedi. Luke Skywalker is NOT lame and painful to watch — except for perhaps when the Emperor is zapping him with mega-million-watt-lightning bolts. Then everyone goes “Ooh…ouch.” While I can believe that Will Turner needs help, Luke Skywalker had a completely different set of challenges, and he met those challenges to the best of his ability. End story.

  50. To all you guys who think POTC is better than star wars, you are all wrong. Star Wars is the greatest movie of all time!!! And did I really say writted before. I didn’t mean to, thats kinda funny.

  51. Whoever said Luke skywalker is best, their wrong. Luke can’t even handle a lightsaber let alone use the force, Anikan Skywalker is so much better than Luke.

  52. To Kevin V Look star wars is alright for a while, and sure its got some good bits in it, but POTC is way better. It has got way more action and is way funny. There is no dougting that star wars is good but POTC has more action.

  53. To Kevin V
    Look star wars is alright for a while, and sure its got some good bits in it, but POTC is way better. It has got way more action and is way funny. There is no dougting that star wars is good but POTC has more action.

  54. Well I’m more into the science fiction kinda stuff than pirates sooooo, Star Wars is better.

  55. And wait a minute. I didn’t spell writted wrong. Thats how its suposed to be, the correct thing to have said was written, and thats not a spelling mistake thats grammar.

  56. Good obsevations but the first point is incorrect, they based the kraken on a squid. if you have ever seen the anatomy of a squid you would immediatly see that the mouths are very similar (prety much identical) along with other features.

  57. Also can people stop using this to argue which movies are better? This isn’t about that.

    Arguing over the internet is like competing in the special olympics, no one cares if you win or loose because you are still retarded.

    Its annoying having to scroll through all the pointless arguenments, I have my own opinions, I really don’t care about yours.

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  59. another, at the end of PotC: DMC, Jack is taken away, and the crew/cast have a plan to save him

    at the end of Empire, han solo is taken away, and the rest of the crew/cast have a plan to save him

    as Keanu reaves would say …. whoa!

  60. First – take not seriously anyone who can not use simple tools to check spelling and grammar. Their lack of ability to clearly communicate through their writings shows they’re embicilic by nature.

    Second – Ignore those who get hot under the collar over what should be an exercise in fun. They are moronic in manner.

    Third – It doesn’t matter which movie you prefer. I personally enjoyed them both. In my humble opinion, Star Wars Episodes IV-VI are vastly superior to Episodes I-III. Pirates of the Caribbean, parts 1 and 2 are also superior to Episodes I-III. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the experience of watching the SW and PotC series, and will enjoy watching them again, on their own merits.

    Finally – Did you notice that at the end of Empire, Han’s friends resolved to bring him back. At the end of Dead Man’s Chest, not only did Jack’s friends resolve to bring him back, but apparently his worst enemy as well?

    Did you notice in Star Wars, as the CGI got better, the plot and characters became less interesting? In Pirates of the Caribbean, when the plot and characters become more interesting, the CGI got worse?

    Oops. Those are differences, not a similarities. Never mind.

  61. Fools be the lot of ye; Why, I could parlay an equal number of comparisons with say, “Casablanca” if I put me mind to it.

  62. Pirate of the Jedi- Did you, by chance, mean “imbecilic?” Last I checked, ’embicilic’ is not a word. I wouldn’t want you to lose your ability to clearly communicate through your writings.

  63. I was under the impression that Pirates of the Carabian was ripping off Monkey Island not Starbors. I kid! But seriously, Starwars sucks. Worst fantisy ever writen. Read Dune. That’s for the grownups that like scifi/fantisy. Dune was written first, Starwars totaly rips that shit off in a bad way. Check it out some time.

  64. dear grammar pirate – lol! I’m glad someone caught that!

    The lesson: Never take ourselves too seriously.

  65. I agree with you guys…lots of similarities. Even the title formula is the same–they are all called by the name of the saga (SW/LOTR/POTC) but each film has it’s own individual title as well.

    Someone compared Will Turner to Luke Skywalker, which I think is astute. I think the third movie will reveal that Will and Elizabeth share a mother. When Elizabeth is threatening Lord Beckett and reminding him that he cost her a wedding, he asks if that is perhaps fate intervening. He is obviously implying that she is hot for Jack (and who wouldn’t be?) but given the nature of these films and the common use of double meanings I would not be surprized if Gore is foreshadowing the unveiling of the lovers as half siblings.

    To those who complain about people who like to think about underlying issues and similarities in films–if you have time to bother yourself complaining, then use it constructively. Don’t complain about us spending our leisure doing something we enjoy. Spend yours doing something you enjoy–not micromanaging people you don’t even know. Plant a tree.

  66. of course POTC AND SW r gonna b similar they r both from hollywood. and all movies from holly wood are similiar. and anyways POTC is set in the big wide open sea, whereas SW is set far away in some galaxcy has is that even remotely similar duh!!! geez u all have too much time in on ur hands and r obsessed. u shuld just watch the movies and enjoy them for wat they r GOOD ENTERTAINMENT !!!! anyways i reckon they r POTC, SW, and LOTR R ALL AWSOM MOVIES :D:D:D!!!

  67. a.orlando bloom is not anywhereas pititful as luke exept to fat star wars freaks who have never had a date in their life .b.your an idiot.

  68. either way pirates of the Caribbean is still a good movie, right?
    even though it does have some similarities to other movies right?

  69. I don’t care, i liked pirates hell of alot more than return of jedi….more ideas should be taken from old and ugly movies to improve upon their ideas….=-) WAY TO GO PIRATES!!!

  70. After reading i’d have to say that this is a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle far fetched.
    kinda simuliar like saying they used cars in this movie, but they used to same kind of car in another..

    I really don’t think the writer of this book actually tought, well > lets go watch some old and stupid movies and see wha.t we can steal.
    no wait it was written before rtoj, so actually, lucas has stolen from disney!

    either way, I came here by accident as I was looking for tortuga, so I don’t really care what ya`all think, but I just wanted to point out that you all are wrong, and that all of this is a mere coincidence.


    Arguing over the internet is like competing in the special olympics, no one cares if you win or loose because you are still retarded.

    I love that qoute xD

  71. i have no idea wut halv of u are saying potc is awsome epesode III of sw is awsome THE END now everyone shut up and do somthing with your lives

  72. Seriously? POTC is of course going to have similarities to SW. Even the writers say that. They grew up in the era of SW, and of course their writing is influenced by their own personal experiences which include such things as SW trilogy IV, V & VI. Both movies are great in their own right. Sci fi fans will not necessarily enjoy POTC, but there will probably be more that do than POTC fans enjoying SW. Not everyone will like the SciFi fantasy genre. That said, POTC has many psychological and philosophical angles to it that can only be conveyed in ways that has been explored previously in many other films. There will always be comparisons.

    SW may never compare to younger viewers to POTC. The effects, camera angles etc did date the movie, but you have to respect what Lucas did at the time was beyond what anyone else had done in that time. He was lucky that his screenwriter personified his characters well in 4,5 and 6. In 1,2 and 3, he failed that personification of his characters which in turn disappointed many fans of the original SW.

    Off soap box now…

    Can I say that Ragetti/Pintel = C3PO /R2D2, spot on. Comedic relief.

  73. wow you have to be the lamest speciman of human life form i have ever run across in my exsistance…. why would you even try to compare these two movies? they are totally different and you know it. There are no original plots anymore, man has stolen plots from each other since the dark ages. you can’t arguee that. I can think of about 30 to 40 movies that Star Wars stole from, but who is counting, and who really cares?

  74. Well, I don’t have all day to knock you dorks, so I’ll make the obvious plain and simple…Here is a short list of who the pirates characters are knocked off of….

    Jack= Han Solo
    Barbosa=Lando Calrissian
    Davy Jones=Anakin Skywalker (also Jabba)
    The Black Pearl=Millenium Falcon
    Will=Luke Skywalker (and Obi-Wan)
    Bootstrap= somewhat of a Darth Vader
    Dutch East India Company=The Empire and Emperer
    The Pirates=The Rebellion
    The Monkey and Bird=C3PO and R2D2

    There you go…Think about it YE NERDS…………

  75. Okay, movies will always rip off other movies. But the thing with the Krakon and the desert thing is actually reversed. There are stories of “huge sea monsters” dating back to when man first tried to sail the oceans. GOOGLE IT!!!!!

  76. this is ridiculous, r2d2 and the gold robot like the two THIEFS who are mentally SLOW in the movie, r2d2 and his friend arent stupid and stealing all the time.
    Also, Euoks ARE NOT CANIBALS, they eat humans sure BUT their not humans, canibalism means you eat your own species + Pirates of the Caribean was pirates stranded in an island where the canibals where native indians, im latino, canibalism of those people was COMMON,
    Another thing, people here are DUMBFVCKS, the Krakens mouth was not factual, only sertain blood sucking worms have mouths like that and lets face it its scary looking, there was a movie with giant underground worms who had mouths like that.
    Krakens based on the Giant squid and octopus + squid dont have mouths like that, their mouths are beeks you dumbfvcks!
    Educate yourself people…

  77. several problems….
    the kraken has been in mythology long before star wars, so 1 is out.
    2 could be valid
    If ewoks were cannibles then they would eat their own race… its like saying i’m a cannible for eating a deer. So 3 is also out…
    4 might be true too…
    5 is more effy than any of them… because they constantly upstaged by each other….
    6 bootstrap bill does not “align” himself with Jones. he is basically forced. Anakin/Vader was corrupted.
    7. Jack is consantly doing the right thing because his consence gets to him not by the suduction of a woman.
    8 is just bs… Cutler is nothing like lando and how the hell is c3po and r2d2 like Pintel and Ragetti
    and their is no way in hell that the MF is anything like the Black Pearl

  78. I’m sorry but I disagree STRONGLY.

    1. The Kraken is a wonderful sea monster that most likely came from sightings of the giant squid.

    2. Jack Sparrow understands the cannibals.
    3. Yes they are both cannibals

    4. Ancient cultures believed that their kings were gods and would sacrifice them.

    5. I agree that Luke can not fight with a light saber but Orlando is much better and Keira is a f**.

    I agree with Anonymous for 6 and 7

    8. PINTEL AND RAGETTI ARE AWSOME!!! The Falcon and the Pearl are not very similar one is a ship the other is a space craft.

    As you can see I’m a huge fan of Pirates and this is from my view.

    Have a great day =3

    P.S. Jerry, the Kraken is half octopus and half whale in the movie. The body of an octo tail of a whale.

  79. Umm yea, this does not prove that Pirates of the Carribean stole ideas from Star Wars, I can do the same thing you did with a thousand other movies, only thing is that I am not stupid to claim that one movie STOLE (OMG IT STOLE A COUPLE IDEAS! BURNETH THEM!) the story of another movie without proof, which you do not have.

    and the cannibals with the open fire could be from anything, there are cartoons with scenes like that, many movies with scenes like that, so what, EVERYONE stole from star wars???

    p.s. the Kraken is a very old sea myth, and is very famous, however saying that pirates of the carribean stole the kraken idea from the sarlacc is freakin absurd, and finally I didn’t see the ewoks eating their god: C3PO.

  80. dude that has to be the saddest thing ive ever heard in my life im a big fan of both films but in no way can you compare yer ther are similarities but thats like sayin the debt between han solo and jabba is the exact same as an eastenders plot dude u need to stop thinkin about these things get a proper job and direct your own film cos until you direct and produce your own film your opinion counts for nothing ive made block buster films

  81. I think that’s dumb a few coincidences and now your acting like pirates is a rip off of star wars the plots are completely different!

  82. what a bullshit ^^ how many movies, books and story are about a cannibal tribe or something similar and believe a normal human is their god…

    and about the sandworm and the kraken…is now every monster with tentacles or a big mouth a rip of starwars ?

    you are a little bored or ?

  83. 1) The two funny pirates are physically similar to the droids too. One is tall and skinny (like C-3PO) and the other is short and round (like R2D2)

    2) Jack is taken alive by Jones as a sacrifice to his friends, just like Han Solo is taken alive by Vader as a sacrificed to save his friends.

    3) A former villain (Barbosa,) comes back to help rescue a former rival (Jack), and also feels Jack stole his ship the black pearl.

    A former villain (Lando) comes back to help rescue a former rival (Han), and also feels Han stole his ship the millennium falcon.

    4) Elizabeth’s home is destroyed by the villains at the beginning of the movie; Leia’s home planet is destroyed at the beginning of the movie.

    5) Both Elizabeth and Leia are royalty.

  84. I think that this is all a bit weird. I’m a huge fan of both POTC and Star Wars (Obviously not as much as you guys), but making up reasons like ‘err, POTC is copying Star Wars because Jacks got a fast ship like Han’ is a bit sad. They have simularities, but all films have simularities, even with TV programmes. Drake and Josh is simular to Friends, GridIron Gang and the Freedom Writers are both simular. All films are, so saying ‘such and such a thing’ is quiet sad. And typing reason why they are is a bit weird too. Sorry but thats what i think.

  85. Orlando Bloom (Luke) in the first movie (New Hope;Black Pearl) believe their father to be dead; only to find out he’s alive but an ally of a foe in the second one (Empire;Chest) and is reunited with his father after his father destroys the evil person holding him captive (Jedi:World’s End). WTF??? I hate the POTC movies. Part one is the only one I like because it’s creative and a serious movie and the only one neccessary. Seriously, the other two could have never been made and it wouldn’t have mattered. The other two are a big joke. That’s Disney for ya. Now they’re making a fourth one. Wtf? What people will do for a quick buck.!

  86. ok i readed this BUT ITS NOR CORRECT = S ….
    Nr 1. the desert monster and the Kraken monster do look a bit tha same BUT, no one stole anything … i mean the Kraken in an (legendary) moster, and there are many “old sailor Story’s” about them


    2. The things You mentioned At Point 2,4,5,6,8 you say they stole idea’s from Star wars… but …wait … does this even make sense ????
    I mean that they have used idea’s witch some ppl MAY direct back to starwars .
    but they are , just idea’s witch are much used in PIRATE movie’s or ANY KINDA MOVIE
    (not speakin off P.O.C. but i mean Normal Pirate/19′ century movie’s and any other movie …..
    1. cooking/baking a guy an a fire so they could eat him/ her / it (notice that this idea was even used in a buggs bunny CARTOON = P )
    2. The Canibals… srry but there are 1000 movies with canibals in them, and its just some idea with ppl always think off in a movie because many ppl like that
    (i dont have to mention how weird and crazy Canabalism is??? )
    3. i don’t gonna tell the rest because normal people would understand what i mean… xD

    The idea are JUST idea’s witch are much used in the today’s world -society and are NOT DIRECTLY TAKEN FROM STARWARS
    In dont want to Harm any one, who deticate theyr life to SW>but this is just my opinion(srry = P )


  87. gay starwars nerd fucking get a life and find something better to do like get laid. you make all the comparisons you want and ill tell you what a pussy feels like

  88. lol, this was poorly thought out.

    A. The Sarlacc didnt do Jabba's bidding, it ate what he dropped in it's mouth. The only way i can see that you have seen a correlation between the Sarlacc, and the Kraken is from the teeth.. but thats how the kraken was told in the stories to have looked.

    B. The Cannibals and the Ewoks dont have a similar language. The Cannibal's language actually sounds as if it was a strange spin on english and portugese, which sounds nothing like the ewoks.

    C. Just because the two cultures are cannibalistic doesnt mean it was a stolen idea, there have been, and still are several cannibalistic cultures in this world.

    D. This one is all kinds of silly, you might as well say George Lucas stole the idea of burning people alive from The Crucible

    E. Do you really think either directors wanted their main characters to be upstaged by Supporting characters? This one sounds more like a personal opinion and distaste for a specific type of character archetype.

    F. This happens in many epics. Its common in stories to have the main character having to reconcile with family members, you can even look into ancient mythology and find this.

    G. Serious movies usually always have a comic relief, its fatiguing for the audience to constantly having to sit on the edge of their seat, never having some sort of decline from a minor climatic moment.

    H. Again, just story structure. You can find several similarities in characters in several epics, they're called Character Archetypes.

    Have you heard of Joseph Campbell's “The Hero's Journey”? You might want to read that, its about a story structure writers have used in the creation of their stories for thousands of years. There isn't much in starwars or pirates that is original when it comes to plot or characters, Especially Starwars which is almost an exact rip-off of a Japanese film called The Hidden Fortress. Much of starwars was based around samauri, just look at Darth Vader's, and the stormtroopers armor, as well as jedi in general. The word Jedi came from the japanese words Jidai Geki, which is a japanese soap opra based around the samauri times.

    If you get anything out of this, Read the hero's journey. You will see how silly your post is after it

  89. Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3 were all AWESOME, but I have to say that On stranger tides was truly the best so far for me. I really loved it alot and I can’t wait till it comes out on DVD! I’m so exited!! 😀

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