Grindhouse Rocked

I went to see The Grindhouse this weekend and LOVED it.  Rodriguez’s terror flick, Planet Terror, was completely entertaining and Tarintino’s Death Proof was satisfying in on every level.

I went to see the film with 3 other friends and the best thing about the movie was how each person liked a different part and not everyone would agree on which was the best feature.   I’ve noticed this in the reviews too. Some reviewers (like this one) loved Rodriguez’s spoof while others (like this one) loved Quentin’s.  I happen to have liked Quentin’s better too – mostly because i love his quirks.

What is in the Grindhouse? As one reviewer correctly posted, it is a double feature movie where both directors brought their A-game and provided all the must-haves, such as:

zombie hordes and one-legged go-go dancers, hot rods and hot pants, evil doctors and exploding pustules, trash-talking identical-twin babysitters, castration, decapitation, dismemberment, diminutive Mexican badasses, customized motorcycles, Kurt Russell, Osama bin Laden, Fu Manchu, tasty sausage, jive-ass stuntwomen, outrageous car wrecks, buckets of blood, geysers of gore, mountains of weaponry, explosions bigger than God and of course titties, lots and lots of titties.

How could this not be one of the best movies of the year?  What did you think?

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