Clarett: Prison is Cool, At Least I'm Hairless

For those of you not paying attention, former Ohio State awesome running back Maurice Clarett was charged with carrying a concealed weapon after a highway chase early Wednesday that ended with police using Mace on him. After they got him they found four loaded guns in his SUV.

Apparently he fancies himself a badass. In fact, according to Sgt. Michael Wood, “It took several officers to get him handcuffed,” Woods said. “Even after he was placed in the paddy wagon, he was still kicking at the doors and being a problem for the officers.”

Also, the 22-year-old Clarett is currently awaiting trial on two counts of aggravated robbery, four counts of robbery and one count of carrying a concealed weapon in a separate case.

My question is, if he is such a badass – why the cat hair remover? If you look at the picture of his front seat, you’ll see the following:


  • Automatic weapon
  • 3 handguns
  • Grey Goose vodka
  • A CAT HAIR REMOVER! (bottom left of the picture)

Apparently if you’re going to hit the streets, you better have hair free duds. Good to know.

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