4 Ridiculous Videos You Need to Watch

Ok, i have three of them for you today. All are equally entertaining in a completely different way. One is a 70’s music video, one is a music video from today and the last is a guy answering his reader’s mail with a greatly absurd song. Let’s begin:


The was brought to my attention from SG and is a music video from the 70’s. I wasn’t alive in the 70’s but i am aware that there was lots of drug use, objectification of women and pretty trippy music. Well, this video captures all that and then some. The unintentional comedy level is sky high on this baby. Check it out


Knights of Cydonia
I’m sure many of you have seen this but if not, let’s go. First let’s check what’s needed in a futuristic western kung-fu love story: lasers (check), all seven traditional samurai techniques (check), a hanging (check), love found then slapped then lost then reclaimed (check), giant desert robots (check), the KKK going after a white man (check), dirtbikes (check) – and i’m only half through the video. Never before have so many cliches been re-written and never before has rock been so ironic. They really explored the space here.


Z’s My Little Ducky

Ok, so i didn’t knowwho Ze Frank was until about 24 hours ago. Since then i’ve watched two videos by him. The first was a speech he gave at TED in 2004. This is pretty entertaining and i was impressed. (Watch it here). The second is really what i want to share. It’s him answering some questions from his readers. What gets me is how awesome the little ducky song is. Seriously, this song is still stuck in my head. You have to listen to it. Check it here

The Little Girl Giant

This is amazing. I don’t know how they pulled it off or more importantly, i don’t know why. I mean, it’s only a 5 minute video but it must have taken months to years to do this. There’s a giant elephant at the beginning who gives the Little Girl Giant a shower and they barely even show the elephant but it must have been months to create that guy and he’s only there for 5 seconds. Seriously, this is amazing.


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