Sometimes A Name Says It All

While doing some fantasy football research, this was stumbled upon (thanks Jules). And you thought your childhood was tough.


If you you thought Lucious was tough, read the story about this guy:

HANOI (Reuters) – A Vietnamese man who once appeared on national television to demonstrate his ability to resist electric shocks has been electrocuted while repairing a generator, an official said Tuesday.

Nguyen Van Hung, aged in his early 40s, was killed in Tay Ninh province near the Cambodian border while repairing the generator without first cutting the power supply, a local official said.

“When alive, he used to demonstrate at our office how he would insert two fingers into the electrical plughole without problems,” the official said.

Hung, nicknamed “Hung Electric,” had appeared on television’s “Strange Stories of Vietnam.”

How many times do you have to be called Hung Electric for it to stick?


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