Nerd Alert! (Halo and Battlestar Galactica)

I found these two updates today on the glorious world wide web. You know that tubular place known as the Information Superhighway. Anyway…

Here’s a guy who developed his own Halo suite similar to that worn by Master Chief. It cost him around $15k and 2 years of his life, but it’s all worth it when you can walk around like that. The suit is protective from all bullets and explosives (and of course, women). It’s already been tested and blocked an elephant guy. You can pick one up for about 2 grand. Here’s the link.  For some reason this guy wanted to see how durable the suit was and drove all the way down the East coast sitting on his armor protected ass and claimed to be completely comfortable the entire time.   Now, only if he could reproduce Katana, i’d be happy.

The other item of note is that they’re making a film of Battlestar Galactica.  I just finished season 1 of this show and i think it’s great. Apparently the 2nd and 3rd seasons are some of the best around.  The film, which will feature all the same cast and crew as the TV show and will bridge the gap between the show’s third and fourth seasons. If you know who these guys are, it’s being produced Ron Moore and David Eick. This is all from an interview with these guys in the Chicago Tribune.

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