Batman Rocks

I went and saw Batman on Friday and loved it. First of all, let me just say that the option of choosing your seats at a movie when purchasing the tickets online is a GREAT thing. Nothing like going to a sold out show and knowing that you’re centered perfectly. Also, don’t read any more if you’re going to see the movie and don’t want a spoiler.

So, about Batman. I give it a 9 out of 10. It has some amazing parts and a few parts that could be just a little bit better. The action scenes are incredible. The Hong Kong kidnapping sequence was just a small piece of genius. The Bat Motocycle makes me want to immediately go out and ride

It’s been written everywhere that The Joker makes the movie and i completely agree. His first scene where he confronts the mob and does the magic trick or making a pencil disappear sets the tone for the entire movie. It says, “Hi i’m the joker. I’m funny, clever and i’m going to kick ass all over the place.” My man at describes Heath Ledger’s performance best:

Everything Ledger did in this movie was fucking awesome. “And here we go” is not an amazing line. Picture that on the page. It’s just four little words. Ledger made it awesome. “Why so serious,” is an empty, ordinary line. Ledger made it great. This sucks. I can’t believe he’s dead. Most actors fucking suck. There’s only like 7 good ones. Now there are 6. Now pretty idiots like Channing Tatum will ruin more of my movies, reading lines like his script had the dialog written upside down and backwards. Channing, if you’re reading this, and later today you feel a pop inside your head, it’s because I just threw a rock at the back of your skull. Hey, look, over here, it’s me, Brendon, from that website. You Suck.

This movie is not as good as Batman Begins. Sequels never are. The first films build the characters and the backstory – they are more character driven. Second films usually have more villains, more blood and more action and this one is no exception, but compared to Hellboy 2, Spider-Man 2, X2, and other sequels i think it stands as the best of the bunch.

Some parts i didn’t like about the film:

  • When Harvey Dent goes to Two-Faced the CGI is too much. The entire movie has amazingly real ation sequences and a cartoonish face seems out of place
  • Batman’s voice is kind of lame. I know he has a voice changing device but still, it seemed corny
  • Harvey Dent’s rampage. I just didn’t believe it as much as The Joker’s cause. I can understand that he’s upset but pointing that anger towards Gordon or Batman seems ridiculous.
  • Maggie G. She just needed to be hotter. I mean, it’s a comic book – get some bombshell in there who can be both smart and hot. I mean they had a smokin’ hot australian computer hacker in Transformers. They can do better here.

That’s all i can think of now. What did you all like?

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