Oscar Summary and Thoughts

So, if you didn’t catch the Oscars last night. Here’s what you missed: 2 really good moments (videos below) and lots of average stuff. Steve Martin and Alec weren’t that great. Each one of theme would have done better on their own but together it was a mess.

A truly absurd moment when the best short Oscar was being accepted. Here’s what happened. The director and the producer of the film are in a huge fight. When the winner was announced, the director of the film ran down from his seat while his mom blocked the producer with her cane. The director started thanking people when the producer finally made it to the stage. She then proceeded to talk over him for the rest of the time allotted while we, the viewer at home, just stared and wondered, What the hell is going on?!. Watch the speech below and here’s a link to the story.

Sandra Bullock was a GINORMOUS upset. She was the last person i thought would win. Seriously, the last. I wanted Carey Mulligan, thought Meryl would win, but could have understood if Gabby or Helen had taken it. But Sandra?? No way. She totally made up for it with one of the best Oscar speeches i’ve heard. It was thoughtful, coherent, funny and to the point. Good work

Of course, i was wrong about Avatar and i feel good for Kathryn “Point Break” Bigelow (and Lizard) but i do feel that there is a James Cameron backlash going on. It’s too bad because it was the better film. I don’t care that much because he’ll buy everyone that doesn’t like him eventually.

Oh well, i can’t wait for next year when Tron cleans up.

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3 thoughts on “Oscar Summary and Thoughts
  1. that is so funny – i was totally wondering what was up with that interrupting lady. it was bizarre! and i loved s.'s acceptance speech. when she won, toby said how she annoys him and i said, “she's supposed to be a really cool person though” and she definitely proved to be. i love it when they thank the other nominees. i didn't see the movie, but i think with “crash” and now this, she's coming around from the start of her career, which is full of bad movies.

  2. yeah – i like how she said, “Are you sure i didn't just wear you down”

    Blind Side though is not a good movie and she was not as good as the other ladies but hey, sometimes people get lucky. I'm happy for her

  3. Actually a pretty good show … Steve & Alex didn't really hit it over the top, but I liked the idea of roasting the nominees. Good moment when Alex thanked Tina Fey for reviving his career (true). I agree, SB really did a nice job .. added to the fact that she actually showed up to accept a “razzie” the day before (gusty) – which I didn't know till day after. She captured the soul of the movie (” .. for the mommies that take care of the kids”). I didn't have a significant emotional pull in the debate about Hurt Locker & Avitar .. glad to have seen both. But I was delighted to see K Bigelow's reaction to getting not one, but two oscars. For her, and Sandra, this is sort of what the Oscars are about .. recognition by peers (and then being even more blown away by it than you would expect).
    Fun to watch you & Liz revert back to pre-teenage … (“you're wrong” .. “you're ugly” …) – only siblings can develop such an effective code for “I love you”.

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