Transformers is Good, But I Have Some Thoughts

I went and saw Transformers last night with the rest of the hard-core geeks. My quick thoughts:

  • Going to see a movie on opening day truly enhances the movie going experience. I went to see Star Wars Episode I and having people yelling at the screen, applauding at awesome fight sequences, and booing cheesy lines makes the movie much more entertaining. Similarly, last night people were clapping at cool parts and cheering the Autobots victories. It makes a difference.
  • Megatron as a toy was always a gun but in the movie he is a fighter jet. I don’t know why they did this. Another Decepticon is a plane too – so it sort of sucked having Megatron one as well.
  • The musical score was very similar to the music in The Rock (a great Michael Bay film). The entire time whenever the music began all i could thing about was The Rock. The Rock is a better movie than Transformers because Cage/Connery is a better combo than LaBeouf/Bumblebee and the plot of Rock is much much better
  • Speaking of the plot. I had some problems with it.
    • The whole point of the movie was to see who could get “The Cube” first. To Autobots got hold of the Cube first (wahoo!) but apparently they had no idea of what to do with it once they got it. Their plan was to drive into a city and just hang out there. That doesn’t make sense.
    • Then when the Decepticons are coming to get the Cube, the genius plan is to give the Cube to LaBeouf and have him go to the roof of a building to give the Cube to some US Military helicopters. This would be a good idea except that all the Decepticons are also fighter jets. Don’t you think they’d be able to stop that?
    • Throughout the entire movie, they made it pretty obvious that human weapons don’t do anything to the Transformers. However, they keep trying to kill them by constantly shooting them with army rifles. Again, wtf? Are humans just morons?
  • All Michael Bay movies are edited so that the fight scenes are so fast, you can’t really tell what’s happening. There are a few Optimus Prime fights and i have no idea what happens in these fights. When the cuts are so fast, things look cool but you can’t tell what’s going on. For instance, i know the Prime has some sort of sword-like item, and i know that he kills some guys with it. But i’m not sure exactly what happens and that sucks.
  • LaBeouf has good timing and the scenes with his family are pretty entertaining. The movie is pretty funny. LaBeouf makes the movie work. I’m excited to see him in Indiana Jones 4.
  • Megan Fox (the token hot chick) is SMOKIN’ HOT. She plays a very similar role to Tea Leoni from Bad Boys (another Bay film) but she is much hotter. Seriously, she look good.
  • There are two supporting roles that made the movie infinitely more enjoyable: John Turturro and the super hot Australian computer hacker chick (Rachel Taylor). I was a computer science major in college and have worked in the internet industry for 9 years and have never seen a chick this hot. And the accent puts her over the top. Great work all around. And Turturro, as always, is just great.

But, is the movie good? Basically, if you liked Independence Day (with Will Smith), you’ll like this. They’re very similar and provided the same level of enjoyment for me. They’re both funny and with a like-able lead character. They both have earth being invaded by alien beings and show the process of the military trying to figure out what they hell is going on.

It’s not the best Michael Bay film – that would be The Rock – but it’s not the worst. I think it’s probably the best after The Rock and Bad Boys.

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