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Day 33: Reverse Quarantine

What I’m Thinking About: Reverse Quarantine

This is the first time i’ve heard about letting the 45 year olds and younger out and back into society as a way to restart society and get to the general population to herd immunity. If you do it, it’s basically as dangerous as the flu. Interesting to think about.

Also: Online Education is New

I remember passing notes in class and then storing stuff in my TI-82 calculator. This new batch of kids are going to have so much more room to play with. The teachers better catch up quick or they’re going to get steamrolled.

Other News

I have a wife and kid with asthma so I was really happy to see that it’s not appearing as one of the main risk factors:

We also lost Brian Dennehy yesterday (not to COVID). For me, he’ll always be Tommy’s dad in Tommy Boy and the old guy boxer in Gladiator.



Only 64 more days to go

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