Coronavirus Log: Day 4 – No Cases in China

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Where my head’s at:

I’m actually feeling pretty good today. There’s been a bunch of interesting, more positive news that i’ve read lately.

First, the big news is that China has no new cases. This is incredible. As you read from yesterday, my belief is that we have to get to a vaccine or full pollution infection before we can get back to normal. If the China news is true, then that’s NOT the case.

Also, there appears to be a drug in Japan that’s pretty effective in combatting the disease and Ford and General Motors are looking into making medical equipment, including ventilators.

At home, I’ve noticed that home-schooling two kids are at different levels is a challenge. Sasha (age 5) keeps interrupting Hunter (age 7). It’d be easier to just focus on one or have two kids the same age. And, I’m thankful to have a recurring Zoom happy hour video happening with my college friends. We had 13 people jump on a call and share their isolation experiences. For an extrovert like me, it’s nice to be able to chat with others.

Finally, I liked hearing about how pollution is improving around the world. China’s carbon output is way down and the canals in Venice are the clearest they’ve been in decades.

China pollutoin

Some interesting things:

  1. How not to hate the person you’re quarantined with.
  2. Who knew? There’s a video filter to help you look better on Zoom calls.


  • Global:227,685 cases, 9332 deaths. (up 1,057 from yesterday)
  • US:  9,332 cases, 150 deaths (up 35)
  • Marin: 16 cases (up 5), 0 deaths

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