Einstein's Cosmos

Just finished the book Einstein’s Cosmos, which is a great look into the life of the genius physicist Albert Einstein.

The book has lots of interesting facts about Einstein.  Some that i remember: He was born in Germany but he had such a bad experience in his youth, he renounced his citizenship when he was 17

He was always brilliant. There’s a myth that he wasn’t that smart when he was young. Wrong. He read a Geometry book when he was 12 and LOVED it. Since then he devoured any physics and mathematics he could get his hand on. He hated classes where they wouldn’t teach the “interesting topics of the day” and frequently got poor grades. But he was always smart.

One little tidbit i loved hearing about is that he was a total ladies man. In High School ALL the girls wanted to talk to him b/c he had such a funny personality. He was a witty guy – always cracking jokes and having fun. Bottom line: Albert was a stud and had his pick of chicks when he was in college.

Another little interesting piece of gossip – he got his main college girlfriend pregnant but she had moved away and the baby died when it was 3. He eventually had another child with her and paid alimony with his Nobel Prize money. But, as he because more famous and busier, they drifted apart and he moved to Germany, she stayed in Switzerland – leading to eventual divorce. He then became very close to his cousin Elsa, who he later married. From the book it seems that they were a great couple – He the absent-minded disheveled thinker and she  the pretty put-together socialite. His tours around the world would have been impossible without her.

The book follows his behavior during the wars, his refusal to support Germany during WWI and his endangerment as a prominent Jew – eventually moving to the states and living at Princeton.

The physics is all easy to understand language. All the cosmic questions that stem from relativity – including the puzzling worm-hole questions are all lined up. I found it a great to read before bedtime book due to the mind benders.

If you’re looking to know more about Albert – this is definitely a quick and interesting book.

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