Celebrity Culture and Hillary Clinton

Let me start by saying that i don’t dislike Hillary Clinton. I think she’s a smart, capable and ambitious woman. She definitely knows the major political issues at hand and has some good first-hand experience. That said, I dislike the “Hillary Clinton situation”


Let me explain. We live in a celebrity culture: US Weekly, E! channel, The Real World, Brad/Angelina and American Idol. We all care and discusses celebrities and those who are on TV. It’s what unites us and makes us American. These people can be talented (Bob Dylan), can be beautiful (Scarlet Johansen), can be controversial (Michael Moore), can be heavily promoted (U2), or just heavily discussed (Paris Hilton) – but they all are known and exist in the public’s consciousness.

Hillary Clinton is one of these people. She was a major player in a huge scandal – Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky affair. If there was no affair, she’d merely be a First Lady that nobody knows too much about nor cares about. I don’t hold this against her. It’s just a fact.

What i don’t like about the entire “situation” is that this fact – that Hillary is a celebrity – is the major reason why people want her to be President. Like all celebrities people believe that they know her and what she’s gone through. They lived through the scandal with her and sympathize. This, of course, is ridiculous. We don’t know her or what she’s been through. And, even if we did, this should not be a qualification for being the leader of our country. Simply knowing someone – or thinking you know someone – does not make that person more qualified.

To me, The President of America should be incredibly qualified. He/She should be courageous, competent, and charismatic. And there is no way that over the past 19 years, the best people for this job has come from only 2 families (Bush and Clinton). Impossible. I hate what that represents. It means we’re no longer voting for the person but rather for the name. And that is something Hillary has. She has a name and that’s what got her in this race. I just hope it’s not enough for her to win.

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