Wanted with Angelina

I saw the movie Wanted last night with my sister in the beautiful Arclight theater in Hollywood.  I was surprisingly pleased with the flick.  However, i have some problems with it

Angelina Jolie

Apparently McEvoy’s heart increases to 400 beats a minute and he gets a shot of adrenaline which allows him to view things slower and move much faster.   This is cool – and makes him and the others somewhat of a chemically superior race.  But there are problems with what i saw on the screen:

  • If you have more adrenaline, you can move faster which lets you whip a gun around, causing the bullets to bend.  Ok, i’ll buy that.  However, at the beginning and elsewhere in the film you see a bullet get shot from miles away from a guy sitting down in a chair and that bullet cruises through traffic like mouse to peanut butter.  That doesn’t make any sense
  • Even if you can slow everything down to slow-mo, how the hell do you learn how to flip a car over and shoot a guy through a sunroof and land correctly.  This isn’t about having more adrenaline – it’s just ridiculous
  • All the posters and marketing messages of the movie make you think this is an Angelina Jolie movie but it’s not.  It’s a McEvoy movie. Of course he’s nowhere near the draw of Mrs. Pitt but i do feel misled
  • If your dad abandoned you 7 days after birth would you be really excited to live in his room and want to please him after his death? I’m not sure i would.  McEvoy didn’t show any resentment at all – which seems pretty unrealistic.
  • If everything you’ve been told is a lie and then the people telling you it’s a lie turn out ot be lying.  What can you believe?  I’d feel somewhat distraught.  Where was that?  McEvoy seems to be sap in my mind. ‘

All this said, i actually really liked the movie for a few reasons.  First, it was totally unpredictable.  Sure you knew there would be some kicking of ass but you weren’t sure whose ass and how it would be kicked.  It had hints of the Matrix with the wire-fu and McEvoy being "the chosen one." It’s nowhere near as good at Matrix but it’s some good popcorn fun on a summer day.

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