I Really Like “Like Crazy”

I went a great man-date with Julian last week and saw “Like Crazy” which stars Felicty Jones and Anton Yelchin as two college students who fall in love.  It’s not a rom-com but rather a romance.  Here are some thoughts…

The film is a very realistic portrayal of 20’s romance.  Anyone who has ever been in a long distance relationship in their 20’s will relate to this film.  You feel high on the relationship one second and then it drags and disappears.

Great use and progression of cell phone technology. Finally we see the impact texting can have on a character.  It always bothers me that this doesn’t happen more in movies. Also, the technology was pretty accurate – from the clamshell to the iPhone, it was some very realistic mobile movie footage.

That Chair. This is the actual chair (below) which was on display at the Arclight. In the film, it made me think that only in LA could you sell a really unconformatable chair for lots of money and have it as your business.  That’s why he could never move to London.  The Brits wouldn’t stand for expensive uncomfortable furniture.

How about Jennifer Lawrence!  She was given a small part as the backup girlfriend, but man did she sell it.  So well, in fact, that i think she stole most of those scenes and I think she did too good of a job.  You can tell that she’s going to be a star.

Let’s talk about the end.  Do they stay together? I think so. Felicity Jones was always way more into Anton than the other way around.  She approached him and left him a note on his car.  She suggested they get married.  And at the end, she came over to LA and has no plans of going nowhere.  Throughout their relationship, Anton was not one to rock the boat.  Thus, i think he’ll stick with it and they’ll come back around.  I’m optimistic for them.

Finally, i also got hold of the note that Felicty writes him in the beginning.  It’s below.

This was at the Arclight


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3 thoughts on “I Really Like “Like Crazy”
  1. Thanks for this post. We watched this movie per your recommendation. I thought it was super realistic and the acting was amazing. I don’t know if I was rooting for them in the end. Maybe not. I don’t know if it was a flaw of the movie or intentional, but I think his reasons for not moving to LA were b.s. He didn’t seem to care about his family – she was really close to hers. She was doing great in her career and, while he’d have to close shop, he coud have definitely started up again in London. Plus, he was only like 23 or something in the beginning. He had plenty of time to get his career going. If there wasn’t a visa issue, they could have debated who should move, but since there was, I thought he was just kind of indifferent. Also, she’s probably going to be a little stressed out for a while, missing her family and her job, and he has his super hot and really nice and happy ex just hanging around LA. I liked how it left it ambiguous though. 

  2. yeah. i totally agree.  She was way more into the relationship than he was.  We saw the film at the Denver Film Festival and the writer/director was there and did a Q&A after it.  He said that he deliberately left it ambiguous so people would interject their own lives and experiences into what’s going to happen with them, which i thought was a great technique.   
    Plus, come on, as if the guy couldn’t make chairs in London.  That dude needs to grow a pair and just move to the UK.  

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