Day 28: Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone

As we’re all still at home, not everyone can get out and celebrate in the typical way. I thought I’d post how it’s going with others around out there:

A chocolate factory in France:

The Pope is breaking with tradition and going online, so hopefully all of you will too

These deacons hold Easter service in front of portraits of believers who could not attend mass:

In this image, two pastors read scripture in front of benches with pictures of people

This Rabbi in Connecticut hosts a virtual Seder on Zoom:

This image shows a man on a laptop screen during Seder

At My House

My kids:

Meanwhile, i’ve been thinking WAY too much about Trolls 2: World Tour. Some thoughts:

  • Country Music Land could have been way cooler. Have one area that’s sad and drunk, another that’s party (Devil Goes Down to Georgia), another that’s all chicks (Dixie, Taylor Swift, Dolly Part), one that’s just Garth, and another that’s all ‘Merica with beers and trucks. That’s an awesome land and a place I could hang for a long time.

Other Stuff

A sign of the times. Taxi’s vs. Delivery


(spreadsheet data)

Only 64 more days to go





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