Day 29: Still Sheltering in Place

Ok, this is starting to get a bit old

I’m going a little crazy. It’s not from my family but more a lack of everything else. I miss my friends, my casual acquaintances, drop-off at my kids schools, the restaurants, the movies, the casual interactions, the hiking, the driving, the traveling. All of it. It was fun. I can’t wait wait for this madness to be over.

I miss the traveling (thx Kesner):

A good metaphor for this shelter-in-place experiment that’s happening (thx Hot & Streamy):

Other Stuff

Hope you had a good Easter yesterday. We had a productive Easter egg hunt:

This guy’s magic is something else:

Over in Thailand, this is terrible and adorable at the same time: Newborn babies given mini face shields to protect against Covid-19 at Bangkok hospital

Meanwhile, in LA:



Only 64 more days to go


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