80: War, Famine, or Revolution

An economist in 1798 theorized that a population and culture wold continue to grow until stopped by war, famine or revolution. Well, we got two out of the three.

When I look at just the famine piece and put the systematic deep racism aside for a moment. That seems to be all about income inequality. That’s hardly a hot take. It still baffles me that no Democratic platform has an answer for how to fix it. Better taxes helps a little bit as does universal healthcare but that still doesn’t make it possible for an Amazon delivery driver to buy a home and join the middle class.

When I look at why we are where we are, the inequality has been drastically escalated over the past 60 days. All the businesses that have failed are local and retail, and all the ones that are succeeding are upper class tech jobs. Shit, Amazon went from 18% of the retail market to 28% in 60 days. It was previously growing 1% a year. That can’t be good for the middle and lower class.

America doesn’t work for half the country and we need to figure out a ways for it to do so. I‘m open to ideas but think a good start would be a $20 minimum wage. That seems logical. Can someone tell me why we shouldn’t do that?

It’s Not All Bad

There were some really great protests and moments around the world. New York, Amsterdam and Paris are doing it right…


Other Stuff

From NY Times Reporter who did some deep research:

Unlike previous SARS viruses, which tended to settle deeper in the respiratory system, this one tends to settle in the upper respiratory system — in your nose and throat. That means that it tends to spread with your voice, in addition to coughs and sneezes. And when you look at where a lot of the major super-spreader events have occurred, it’s places like churches where folks are singing. It’s meatpacking plants where people have to talk really loud. It’s sports arenas. It’s call centers. And I realized, holy cow, this is a virus that is ideally adapted to human conversation.

This photo looks more like its from a bad dream or a sci-fi movie than real life.


Wuhan, China, finished its push to test almost all of its 11 million residents. Officials said they found about 300 infections, all asymptomatic.

In the USA

The nursing homes are where a lot of it is happening

In Marin

New cases continue up and we now have some new deaths happening:

Alright everyone, happy Wednesday.

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