84: Drones for Seniors

How cool is this: UPS and CVS are starting to deliver their prescriptions to seniors in via drone.

UPS, CVS deliver first-ever prescription medication drops via ...As you know, X5 of COIVD deaths are people over 65. So, it’s super important we keep this demo safe. So, this drone delivery is just what we need. We want to keep those centers safe and free from new contacts, including those who have the necessary prescriptions for seniors.

Each drone can carry up to 5 lbs. each and travel up to 12 miles. They fly autonomously from a CVS location to nearby assisted living and nursing homes, then drop off the packages from a hover height of around 20 feet above these locations.

These are scary times, and it’s fascinating to see how some great minds and companies are being creative and coming up with technical solutions so we can be in contact with our loved ones, without getting too close.

An example I saw yesterday:

Other Stuff

There’s a report about the masks worn in Japan and how that, because its part of its culture, it was a big reason they were able to avoid the massive deaths that we and others have seen

Shoppers in Tokyo last month. Face masks were a common sight in the city long before the coronavirus arrived.

Correct me if I’m wrong but Colin Kaepernick seems like the OG of peaceful protest for recent police brutality. He was on this. You were right Colin. Our bad that we didn’t follow you then.

At My House

Diane has been handling the kiddos during the day and I’ve been in the garage working. During a typical day we don’t actually talk that much. It’s a problem. To fix it we’ve brought back Date Night.

How did we do it? This past week we cleared out our storage shed and set up a place to eat and hang out. We also talked to Hunter (age 7) about being in charge for two hours and making sure Sasha (age 5) and him ate their dinner, watched a movie and were generally happy. He loved the responsibility.

We then ordered some sushi and went to the shed at 5pm and had a great time together until 7pm, just the two of us. Intentionally making time to connect was one of the best things I’ve done over the past few weeks. It’s such a simple idea, but given that we have two little kids that usually dominate our attention, we were able to talk and connect in a way we can’t on a typical night. Super fun.


In North Carolina and Arizona, increased testing suggests that infections are still climbing quickly and may spike further as more people venture out.

In New York, a ‘big sigh of relief’ as the daily death toll falls to 35, but you can see from the graphs below that cases spiked yesterday. We’ll see what that means in the future.

That’s it. Hope you have a great Sunday!

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