85: 8 Can’t Wait

The protests about racial violence by police departments is all around us. I saw some incredible protests in the UK and Hong Kong yesterday. I have been wondering, what does police reform look like? What should police departments do? What are protesters asking for?

It seems like the best answer is we want, at a minimum, a massive reduction in police violence. After all in 2019 and 2020 in the US, a third of all people killed by strangers were killed by police officers. That’s crazy.

So, there’s a good answer for how we could reduce the violence and killings. In fact, there are 8 specific policies that could be implemented at each police department. There’s even a website called 8CantWait.org which highlights these policies.

If a department implements all 8 of these policies, there’s lots of data that shows police violence will go down 72%. Seventy-two percent. That’s a pretty good start.

The policies are fairly simple things:

Some thoughts:

  • Requiring techniques for de-escalation and banning chokeholds and strangleholds. This seems obvious but only 28 of the largest 100 police departments in the US have done this. These are pretty much allowed everywhere. Minneapolis currently doesn’t ban them.
  • A duty to intervene? If officers see other officers going against policy, they have a duty to intervene. This is why Minneapolis officers who were just watching Floyd get murdered were able to be arrested, because they had a duty to intervene.
  • Shooting into moving vehicles. You shouldn’t do it because if you kill the person driving, they simply run into others and kill innocent people. 62 people this year died because of this.

Basically, citizens should know the ways that police are legally allowed to kill you and we should know what we, as protesters, want to change of our current police force.

This seems like a great start.

Meanwhile, in Minneapolis

Minnesota is doing more than just 8 new policies, the Minneapolis City Council just voted to completely disband the entire police department and radically change how crimes are approached in the city. Wow.

Apparently, this happened before in Camden, NJ:

Other Stuff

Skateboard protest is rad:

Funny, In all fairness, they had been in trouble with the law since the day they was born.

I hope so, Dan:


New York is doing better:

US cases are flat but deaths are down. We’ll see if there’s a rise in the next week or two.

Happy Monday everyone

Only 64 more days to go

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