Where’s the Android?

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Why no Android phones?  I love Android as a concept but every time i hear about a new manufacturer releasing new handsets they are always on Windows Mobile.  I went to Mobile World Congress this year and saw a ton of new phones from Samsung, Acer, Sony/Ericsson, LG and others.  Every single one of them was using Windows Mobile.  For an OS that seems inferior to Android and dramatically inferior to the iPhone, why is it getting so much traction?  Why do device manufacturers keep choosing it.  Please tell me?

If they keep choosing it, it means there will be more and more phones that are essentially useless to me in my handset selection and this is a bad bad thing.

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Google's Shot Across the Bow

It’s been a while since there’s been a major power play by someone in Silicon Valley.  A big “take over the world” type of action.  I think Google’s latest Chrome is that – reminiscent of the old days of Netscape, Sun and others who were all trying to take over the world.  

Fred Wilson does a good job of describing how their 3 latest projects: Chrome, Android, and Cloud/Gears are positioning them to be the OS of the future.  Saying



  1. They are building a modern browser, Chrome, that resembles an operating system as much as a browser.  It’s not that Google wants to build a better version of Internet Explorer or Firefox. They want to build a better environment for running web apps.
  2. They are building a mobile operating system, Android, that is also designed for running web apps in a mobile environment. I think in time, Google’s Android will be to the iPhone what Windows was to the Mac. The iPhone laid out many of the killer mobile device innovations, but its a closed device, a closed carrier relationship, and even a closed application store. Android will take all of those good ideas and put them on every device, with every carrier, and in partnership with every app developer
  3. Google is all about the cloud. They have developed all of their apps in what goes for the cloud these days. They’ve build a great cloud computing platform in App Engine. 
These three things ensure that Google will be a major player.  With other launches of OpenSocial and such don’t display the raw power of Google but here it is.  I love it and believe they will be the biggest and most powerful company standing – over facebook, Microsoft and others – when the dust settles.