Where’s the Android?

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Why no Android phones?  I love Android as a concept but every time i hear about a new manufacturer releasing new handsets they are always on Windows Mobile.  I went to Mobile World Congress this year and saw a ton of new phones from Samsung, Acer, Sony/Ericsson, LG and others.  Every single one of them was using Windows Mobile.  For an OS that seems inferior to Android and dramatically inferior to the iPhone, why is it getting so much traction?  Why do device manufacturers keep choosing it.  Please tell me?

If they keep choosing it, it means there will be more and more phones that are essentially useless to me in my handset selection and this is a bad bad thing.

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One thought on “Where’s the Android?
  1. The answer is simple. The only language in which you can write applications for Android is Java (it’s HORRIBLY SLOW and SLUGGISH).

    Even the actual OS is written in Java; Java will just die with Sun, it’s about time for him to pass out … slowly but surely 🙂

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