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It was interesting to see in a report yesterday that the iPhone, even though it represents only 1.2% of the total mobile phone market, represents 66% of total mobile web traffic.  That is astounding.  But it’s not that remarkable if you look at the differences between the iPhone and other phones.  On other phones it is quite painful to use the browser and to install and use applications.  Both of these are enjoyable on the iPhone.  It’s much more of a web device with mobile capabilities than a phone that has a browser.

My new friend Volker listed this report in his blog and talked about how the other players are catching up fast.  This is interesting, but until we get a better look at their app stores and new OS (Windows Mobile 6.5) i can’t accurately gauge if they will be a true competitor.  My guess is that only blackberry, nokia and android will be close and that Windows Mobile will never get close to competing.

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