The Most Environment-Friendly Gas Station Ever

I went to fill up yesterday at this gas station in West Hollywood on the corner of Olympic and Robertson and was amazed what i saw.

This place has the following:

  • The facade was made from farm-raised renewable cedar
  • The wall behind the station is wrapped with vines (require almost no upkeep)
  • All the lights are motion sensitive
  • The bathroom is all made from recycled aluminum and recycled glass
  • The ouside structure is highly durable uncoated stainless steel and is completely recycleable
  • 90 solar panels are on the canopy which produce enough energy to power 2-3 average American homes
  • Glass is mixed into the concrete which removes the need for sand
  • The canopy collects rainwater which is then filtered and reused onsite for irrigation and landscaping

All in all it’s pretty impressive for just a standard gas station.  You can read more about what BP is doing at

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David Eggers

I got a little shot of inspiration today by listening to Dave Eggers’ TEDTalk where he tells his story about how he took his desire to give kids more academic attention and formed a movement.


Eggers is an inspirational guy and here’s a link to a good quote i found from him last year.

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