Beer Belly, the World Cup Blog, and World Cup Power Rankings

First, check out the beer belly, which is an ingenious way for fans to get beer into thebeer belly stadium. It looks like a great way to get a belly full of brew without having to haul in a bunch of cans – also, with the flexy straw there's no need to remove your hands from a few hot dogs and nachosSecond, there's now an entire blog set up to track the World Cup at I know i just added to my Netvibes. I'm looking forward to seeing the US kick some ass on the world stage.  Although the blog's latest post has the power rankings which has the US at a lowly 15th.  The top 15 are:

  1. Brazil (1) – So good even Maradona wants to wear yellow.
  2. Spain (3) – We have to rank them high so they can fail to live up to expectations.
  3. Argentina (2)– Will Riquelme take the penalty kicks?
  4. Italy (4) – Totti is back and looking fit.
  5. Czech Republic (7) – Nedved might retire before World Cup.
  6. Germany (8) – Maybe Lehmann is alright after all.
  7. England (9) – Big Phil is the one, now they can concentrate on Beckham’s hair
  8. Portugal (5) – Scolari news overshadows uncertain keeper situation.
  9. Netherlands (6) – Makaay won’t play in Germany.
  10. France (12) – Zidane to make one final stand.
  11. Croatia (10) – Defender Jurica Vranješ faces injury concerns
  12. Mexico (13) – Rafa Marquez first Mexican in Champions League final
  13. Sweden (11) – Zlatan fighting with Juve teammates; Östlund wants to lose weight
  14. Ukraine (14) – Shevchenko struggling with his form.
  15. USA (16) – Where are the goals going to come from?

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